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Normanshurst Fire Station, Lowestoft - Retained Shouts in 2009

The information provided here gives a brief description of shouts received by the Retained firefighters at Normanshurst Fire Station in Lowestoft, Suffolk during 2009.

You will also see that there are links to any entries made in our firefighters blog relating to a particular incident.

incidents in 2009

DateTime of CallTime of ReturnAddressIncidentInitial AppliancesDescriptionBlog entry
30/12/200919:1720:00Hall Lane, Camps HeathVan FireLS01, NT01Van well alight. 2 HRJ. 
21/12/200921:3622:01Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke issuing from buildingLS01, NT01False alarm, good intent. Smoke from smokehouse. 
18/12/200922:5303:15Bridge Road, Oulton BroadFireLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
LS06, LS02, BS01, BS0G, YH HP, 2 Norfolk pumps
Fire in first floor flat. Fire broken through roof. Various assistance messages up to Make Pumps 6. 8BA, 2HRJ, Thermal Imaging Camera in use. Hydraulic Platform used to fight fire from above.View blog
13/12/200916:1721:40Lovers Lane, LeistonFireNT01Fire in two storey farm house at around 1300hrs. Nine pumps plus TL. Relief crew from Normanshurst required for 1700hrs. 
12/12/200905:1906:08Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFANT01, LS01False alarm, equipment. 
08/12/200907:0808:20The Ravine, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Fire in derelict house. 2BA, 1HRJ. 
02/12/200922:5023:00Oulton Broad North railway station, LowestoftMan with foot caught under railsLS06, NT01Released by Police prior to arrival of Fire Service. 
27/11/200918:5420:40Seago Street, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Fire in tumble drier, spread to TV. 4 BA, 2 HRJ. 1 cat and 1 dog rescued. Oxygen administered to cat.View blog
25/11/200923:5200:30St.Peters Street, LowestoftFire in doorwayLS01, NT01Small fire in doorway. Out on arrival. Suspicious. Police in attendance. 
22/11/200914:1514:45Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01AFA 
21/11/200912:1112:35High Street, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Saucepan boiled dry. No action by Fire Service, inspection only. 
19/11/200921:4522:15Horn Hill, LowestoftRTCStandbyStandby at Normanshurst. 
19/11/200902:4703:50Shadingfield Close, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Small fire. Extinguished with bucket of water. Then provided standby while LS01 awaited electrician at incident. 
14/11/200913:1713:50Gorleston Road, LowestoftCar FireLS01, NT01Two vehicle RTC. No fire. Cars and scene made safe. 
14/11/200911:0012:30Denmark Road, LowestoftTree fallen on carLS06, NT01, LS01Mini tornado brought down tree on car. One female casualty released, Powershore used on tree, longboard used for casualty extraction.View blog
12/11/200915:5516:10London Road South, LowestoftRTCStandbyStandby at Normanshurst. 
11/11/200915:5716:15Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01  
11/11/200912:0012:10Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01Accidental activation of call point. 
08/11/200921:0023:05Normanston Park, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
Fire in disused sports pavilion. 1 HRJ, 3x45 main jet. Third pump used as water shuttle. 
06/11/200913:0113:35Evergreen Road, LowestoftFire in kitchenLS01, NT01Inspection only. Fire safety advice given and smoke detectors installed. 
03/11/200910:4211:35London Road North, LowestoftSmell of smokeLS01, NT01Overheating light fitting. Inspection only. 
03/11/200910:2510:42SLP, Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01No action by Fire Service. 
02/11/200917:4722:00B1375, Park Hill, Oulton, LowestoftRTC, persons trappedLS06, NT01, LS01RTC with persons trapped. Hydraulic cutting gear used. 
01/11/200920:1920:48London Road North, LowestoftSmoke in buildingLS01, NT01Small fire in kitchen of first floor flat. Out on arrival, inspection only. 
01/11/200913:3814:00Jacob Street, LowestoftChimney fireNT01False alarm, good intent. No action by Fire Service. Fire Priority from previous incident. 
01/11/200912:5013:38B1375, BlundestonRTCNT01, LS06, LS01Single vehicle RTC. Car on side. Two people released by Fire Service. 
30/10/200912:5013:15Blundeston PrisonFireLS01, NT01Cell fire. Out on arrival, inspection only. 
29/10/200918:0918:40Beresford Road, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01  
25/10/200902:0303:55Rushmere, near WrenthamFire in fieldNT01Running call. Fire in field caused by power cables. 
24/10/200923:0802:03Gisleham, LowestoftBarn FireLS01, LS02
Additional appliances:
LS06, WM04, NT01, FM09
Fire in barn containing straw. Additional pumps and water bowser required to supplement water supply. 
22/10/200911:5816:45Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftFire in factoryLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
LS06, BS01, BG04, BS0G, HQ0O, HQ01, Yarmouth HP plus 3 Norfolk pumps
Fire in ducting. Multiple BA teams committed including teams of 4. CO2 system fired. Monitoring and ventilation.View blog
20/10/200912:5213:21Union Lane, Oulton, LowestoftSmoke in buildingLS01, NT01Smoke from light fitting. First shout for Normanshurst as a one pump station. ** Note: Lowestoft South appliances have LS prefix. Normanshurst 02 is now Normanshurst 01. 
14/10/200913:5414:35Standby at NormanshurstFireWM04, NT01Standby. 
11/10/200907:0907:31Premier Inn, Yarmouth Road, LowestoftAFANT02False Alarm. 
06/10/200920:1320:53Commercial Road, LowestoftAFANT02  
06/10/200920:0520:33Plaisir Place, LowestoftAFANT01False alarm - fumes from cooking. 
05/10/200911:3112:00Police Station, Old Nelson Street, LowestoftSmell of burningNT01, NT02No action required by Fire Service. 
30/09/200900:1700:51Ferndale Avenue, LowestoftSmoke in propertyNT01, NT02Overheating microwave. 
27/09/200911:4613:27Normanshurst Fire StationStandbyNT0MUnimog requested for field fire at Reydon. Three retained crew members required to make up whole-time crew. 
27/09/200910:3710:58Normanston Drive, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Small fire. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. 
26/09/200917:2317:43Murillo Drive, LowestoftKitchenNT01, NT02Out on arrival. 
25/09/200913:4816:30Lowestoft Road, Worlingham, BecclesRTCNT06, NT01, BS01
Additional appliances:
RTC. Major incident - air ambulance, RAF Air Sea Rescue, police helicopter, 6 road ambulances.View blog
24/09/200918:3619:02A12, Rackhams Corner, LowestoftCar FireNT01, NT02False alarm, good intent, Leaky screenwasher causing smoke-like vapours. 
23/09/200921:0721:42Anchor Fisheries, Alexandra Road, LowestoftSmoke seen issuing from buildingNT01, NT02False alarm, good intent. 
22/09/200919:1819:45Crown Street East, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Candle, out on arrival... 
21/09/200919:5520:25Anchor Fisheries, Alexandra Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02False alarm, good intent. 
21/09/200917:1917:40Lowestoft DockShip fireNT01, NT02, NT06, CN01No action by Fire Service. Alerter failure as both Normanshurst and Clifton called together.View blog
19/09/200921:2422:00Plaisir Place, LowestoftAFANT06Overheating boiler. 
19/09/200921:1221:53Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftAFANT02False Alarm. 
19/09/200916:0217:45Colville Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02
Additional appliances:
Bedroom fire, room well alight. Make Pumps 3 for BA. 4 BA and 2 HRJ in use. 
19/09/200915:1515:35Dell Road, LowestoftCar Fire in garageNT01, NT02Out on arrival, inspection only. 
16/09/200921:5923:13Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftFireNT02
Additional appliances:
Fire in industrial fryer. CO2 fire suppressant used. 2BA used to make close inspection of fryer. 
16/09/200917:1217:33Church Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Small fire in lounge. Out on arrival. 
16/09/200916:3816:58ARC Centre, Water Lane, LowestoftSmell of burningNT01, NT02False alarm, good intent. 
15/09/200911:2214:10Anchor Fisheries, Alexandra Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02, NT06Building well alight. 2HRJ, 2 main jets, 6BA.View blog
15/09/200902:2003:25North Denes, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Motor home on fire - totally gutted.View blog
14/09/200911:2911:58Premier Travel Inn, Yarmouth Road, LowestoftAFANT02  
12/09/200913:0113:50St. Olaves Road, HerringfleetRTCNT06, NT02RTC involving car and motorcycle. Rider taken to hospital by Ambulance Service. 
12/09/200911:3411:45NormanshurstStandby***Standby as Clifton off-run doing ERT training. 
10/09/200921:4922:02Garden Close, LowestoftRTC, petrol leaking from carNT06, NT02Minor RTC, petrol leaking on to road. 
08/09/200919:0219:15Stanley Street, LowestoftFire - smoke issuing from buildingNT01, NT02False alarm, good intent. Smoke from smokehouse. 
04/09/200909:0709:30Normanston Drive, LowestoftCar FireNT01, NT02No action by Fire Service. Steam from blown gasket. 
03/09/200910:0214:00Dene Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02
Additional appliances:
NT06, CN01, HP and support pump from Norfolk, Command Support Vehicle
Fire started in cupboard and spread to attic, then to adjacent properties. 3 HRJ, 10 BA.View blog
02/09/200917:3819:00Victoria Road, LowestoftRTC, persons trappedNT06, NT01, CN01No details at present. Alerter failure - delaying turnout of Normanshurst retained. 
02/09/200911:4812:15Beeching Drive, LowestoftCar FireNT01, NT02Out on arrival. 
30/08/200916:3917:10Caldecott Road, Oulton BroadFireNT01, NT02Small amount of rubbish in disused boat shed. 
27/08/200906:3507:20Spashett Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02
Additional appliances:
House fire. After initial attendance became Persons Reported. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. One female casualty rescued by Fire Service. 
17/08/200918:2218:28*********Called in error... 
17/08/200916:2616:55Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftAFANT06  
17/08/200916:2116:50Walton Road, LowestoftCar leaking petrolNT01, NT02  
16/08/200913:5014:25Norbert Dentressangle Cold Store, Mobbs Way, LowestoftFire in EngineNT01, NT02Smoke from engine that powers ammonium pump. Engineer isolated pump. No action by Fire Service. 
16/08/200911:2511:50Spashett Road, LowestoftFire - houseNT01, NT02False Alarm, malicious 
15/08/200915:5516:08Station Road, LowestoftCar leaking petrolNT01, NT02  
07/08/200908:4811:20GeldestonCow in 6ft of waterNT0V, NT01, NT0MWater rescue team used pleasure launch to guide cow to slipway. NT01 crew set up floating boom to guide cow to second slipway, if needed.View blog
06/08/200917:1717:58Standby at NormanshurstRTC - person trapped NT06, BS01, BG04Standby at Normanshurst. Red Watch mobilised in ERT to an RTC in Beccles. 
03/08/200918:5119:30Market Lane, BlundestonFire - combine harvesterNT0MNT01 mobilised to fire in a combine harvester. Fire spread to standing crop. Unimog (NT0M) mobilised with retained crew. 
03/08/200915:3616:15Wiston Road, NaylandCow in riverPT0V, PT01, NT0MCow led out from river. Fire Service not required, all crews returned to home stations. 
03/08/200914:3815:10Runnymeade Court, Alexandra Road, LowestoftAFANT02False alarm - fumes from cooking. 
02/08/200918:4519:20Harry Chamberlain Court, Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFANT06, CN01False alarm - fumes from cooking. 
02/08/200918:1919:25Church Lane, OultonHorse in water filled dykeNT0V, NT01, NT0MWater Rescue team assisted in rescuing horse. Retained crew used on NT01 and NT0M. 
02/08/200915:3816:00Bloodmoor Road, LowestoftRTC, persons trappedNT06, NT01, CN01Alerter failure meant only three crew received fire call. Alerters activated again approximately 5 minutes later. 
01/08/200922:0723:25Bentley Drive, LowestoftRTC, person trappedNT06, NT01, NT02Single vehicle RTC. One female casualty medically trapped. Holmatro cutting and spreading gear in use. 
31/07/200910:4311:35Westbrook Avenue, Gorleston, NorfolkRTC, person trappedSprowston 1, NT02, NT06Fire Priority from previous job. Two vehicle RTC. One female casualty medically trapped. No cutting required by Fire Service.View blog
31/07/200910:1410:41Seawake Cloe, Gorleston, NorfolkAFANT02, CN01False alarm. Alarm caused by burnt toast. Suffolk appliances assisting Norfolk who had a Make Pumps 5 in Great Yarmouth (including NT01).View blog
22/07/200920:5121:45Hardy Close, LowestoftFire - persons reportedNT01, CN01, NT02Small fire on mattress, out on arrival. One unconscious female casualty treated by Ambulance Service. 
20/07/200910:4610:58Stevens Street, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02No details available... 
11/07/200913:2413:55The Ravine, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Deliberate fire set in unoccupied house. Two youths seen running away, members of public gave chase. Only action by Fire Serivce was 2 buckets of water... 
09/07/200915:1815:36Jeannie Mann Court, LowestoftAFANT01NT01 proceeded to incident. Retained on standby. 
08/07/200916:3018:00Harbour Road, Oulton Broad, LowestoftFire - Boat on landNT02, NT06Fire on boat being renovated. Gas cylinder involved. 1 HRJ, 1x45, improvised monitor fed from LPP set into harbour.View blog
08/07/200910:5413:35Beccles Road, LowestoftGas leak caused by RTCNT06, NT02, CN01
Additional appliances:
BS01, BS0G
Single vehicle RTC. Car ruptured gas mains. House evacuated and water curtain consisting of three monitors to protect adjacent properties.View blog
04/07/200922:0822:50Westhall Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02  
04/07/200918:4420:30North Denes, Corton Road, LowestoftFireNT01
Additional appliances:
Fire in undergrowth. 
02/07/200917:3218:02Seago Street, LowestoftKitchen FireNT06, CN01  
02/07/200917:0917:32Essex Road, LowestoftSeagull stuck in aerialNT06Seagull retrieved from aerial, already deceased. 
02/07/200916:1918:02Corton Cliffs, Corton Road, LowestoftFire in undergrowthNT01
Additional appliances:
NT02, NT0M
Area of undergrowth measuring 100 x 50 metres. 1 HRJ connected to line of 45. 1 high pressure hose from Unimog. NT02 acted as water shuttle.View blog
30/06/200911:1811:40Alexandra Road, LowestoftAFANT01, NT02  
30/06/200905:0905:50A12, Rackhams CornerCar FireNT01, NT02One car, well alight. 1 HRJ, 2 BA. 
25/06/200900:0201:00Hemplands, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02  
23/06/200912:5013:10Corton BeachFireNT01
Additional appliances:
Retained called into to crew Unimog (NT0M). 
22/06/200913:1713:50Roman Hill Infant School, LowestoftSmell of gasNT02, NT06Strong smell of gas in school. Ventilation to clear smell. Many premises evacuated in Lowestoft. Possible ships decanting or venting gas offshore. HM Coastguard investigating. 
21/06/200919:0519:45Barnby Bends, A146RTCNT06, NT01, BS01RTC between motorcycle and car. Petrol on road. No persons trapped. 
20/06/200913:4015:38The Old Forge, UggeshallHorse in DitchNT0V, NT0M, NT01Horse pulled from water filled ditch.View blog
08/06/200905:0305:25Tonning Street, LowestoftRTC, petrol on roadNT01, NT02  
06/06/200912:3816:43Rushmeres DIY, Newcombe Road, LowestoftFireNT01
Additional appliances:
NT02, NT06, CN01, 2 Norfolk pumps, BS0G with BS01 as support pump
Fire in wood store at rear of shop. 4x45, 3 HRJ, 6 BA, ground monitor. Stopped spread of fire to shop and adjoining properties.View blog
31/05/200900:1402:33Dairy Farm, Camps Heath, LowestoftHorse in ditchNT01, NT0M
Additional appliances:
NT02, NT06, NT0V
Large horse stuck in ditch. Unable to get Unimog to site because of marshy ground. Extra appliances mobilised for personnel. Horse extricated manually. 
29/05/200919:2520:05Denes 2, Birds Eye, LowestoftFire in Electrical IntakeNT01, NT02Small fire in electrical intake cabinet. 2 BA, 3 Dry Powder extinguishers. 
28/05/200923:5300:30Harbour Inn, LowestoftFire in tumble drierNT01, CN01Retained called in on standby. 
28/05/200921:1422:40Tom Crisp Way, LowestoftAnimal rescueNT0V, NT01, NT0MMuntjac deer trapped on mud, salt water side. Efforts to rescue from water failed. RNLI Inshore Lifeboat and HM Coastguard Search and Rescue also involved. 
23/05/200918:5520:00Corton Road, LowestoftFire on beachNT01
Additional appliances:
Make Pumps 2 for personnel 
21/05/200916:5218:00StandbyForest FireOD04, AH04
Additional appliances:
WE01, LN05, WE0G, NT0M
Retained called in on standby to make up wholetime crew 
20/05/200921:3700:05Corton Cliffs, LowestoftFireNT01
Additional appliances:
NT02, NT06, NT0M
Three separate fires including one on beach. Unimog tackled fire on beach. ERT supplying water from hydrant to other pumps - hosereels, 45s and beaters in use. 
20/05/200912:2712:55Acle New Road, Great YarmouthHorse in dykeNT0M, NT02Assistance for Martham pump. 
16/05/200921:5401:20Flixton Road, BlundestonFire in stablesNT01, NT02
Additional appliances:
Fire in stable block. Horses led to safety.
2HRJ, 2x45, 8 BA. Water supply supplemented from nearby swimming pool using LPP.
View blog
15/05/200920:0420:38Whapload Road, LowestoftMan fallen from wallNT06Retained called in on standby 
11/05/200917:4319:35Corton Cliffs, LowestoftFireNT01
Additional appliances:
NT02, NT06
Fire in undergrowth, approx 100m2. 2HRJ, 2x45.View blog
09/05/200901:2801:45Raglan Street, LowestoftSmoke seenNT01, NT02False Alarm, Good Intent. 
06/05/200923:4404:05Martlesham Heath, IpswichFireNT0MUnimog required at Make Pumps 8 heath fire on outskirts of Ipswich. 
05/05/200923:0000:16NormanshurstStandbyStandbyOne crew on standby. NT01 and CN01 mobilised to Make Pumps 8 at Hemsby. 
04/05/200910:5911:53Denmark Road, LowestoftCookerNT01, NT02Out on arrival. No action required by Fire Service. 
04/05/200909:0509:15NormanshurstStandbyStandbyThree retained firefighters to make up Blue Watch. Unimog, crewed by Blue Watch, mobilised to Thorpeness Golf Club. 
04/05/200900:5501:45Jeld Wen, Waveney Drive, LowestoftAFANT02  
03/05/200923:4000:15Pakefield, LowestoftFireNT02False Alarm Good Intent. Smoke from camp fire. 
03/05/200922:2605:00Thorpeness Golf ClubFireNT01, NT0MRelief crew required for Unimog plus NT01 sent as relief. Retained crew on standby at Normanshurst. 
03/05/200918:2623:55Thorpness Golf ClubFireNT0MUnimog required at Make Pumps 10. 
03/05/200900:1300:58Stanley Street, LowestoftRubbish FireNT06  
03/05/200900:0600:58Maidstone Road, LowestoftCar FireNT01, NT02Fire confined to engine compartment. 1 HRJ, 2 BA. 
29/04/200917:0819:40Hall Farm, YaxleyCow in DitchEE04, NT0M  
29/04/200911:5820:56A144 BungayThatch BarnNT01, BG04, Harleston
Additional appliances:
NT02, NT06, BS01, BY01, BY0G, Loddon, Yarmouth HP, FM09
Fire in farm buildings. Water supply supplemented by water shuttle of four pumps and bowser.View blog
29/04/200907:1608:18Beckham Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Fire in tumble drier 
26/04/200903:5107:00Swanstons Road, Great YarmouthFireNT01, NT02, NT06, CN01Make Pumps 10. Crews from Great Yarmouth and the hydraulic platform, Gorleston and the foam unit, Martham, Lowestoft, Loddon, Stalham, Gorleston, Norwich and Sprowston Chemical Incident Unit attended a fire in the roof of a factory building. The crews used 5 main jets and wore breathing apparatus to extinguish the fire. 
23/04/200918:5920:00MartleshamBullock in ditchPT01, PT0V, NT0MRetained called in to make up wholetime crew. 
20/04/200914:4215:30Battery Green Road, LowestoftCar leaking fuelNT01, NT02Crews making scene safe. One casualty being treated by Ambulance service. Awaiting arrival of EDF Energy and Highways Agency. 
18/04/200918:1418:32Commercial Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02False Alarm, Good Intent 
16/04/200920:2421:20Raglan Street, LowestoftGrillNT01, NT02Grill pan - out on arrival. Smoke alarms fitted. 
14/04/200910:4011:05Bridge Road, Oulton BroadLorry brakesNT01, NT02Brakes on delivery lorry had locked and overheated. No action by Fire Service. 
11/04/200919:0919:30Sands Lane, Oulton, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02False Alarm, Good Intent. Smoke from BBQ. 
11/04/200917:3217:45Normanston Drive, LowestoftCar leaking fuelNT01, NT02No action by Fire Service. Stop message received before NT02 booked mobile. 
10/04/200902:1605:10Nursery, Monckton Crescent, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Fire in boiler house of Council nursery. 8BA, 3HRJ. Water supply supplemented from hydrant (10 lengths) 
09/04/200912:4313:15Kirkley Cliff Road, LowestoftFire, persons reportedNT01, NT02, CN01False alarm - fumes from cooking. 
06/04/200904:2305:12Fir Lane, LowestoftFire - persons reportedNT01, NT02
Additional appliances:
NT06 on make up to Persons Reported
Fire in doorway of flat. 2BA, 1HRJ, door enforcer. No persons found. Fire of suspicious origin.View blog
04/04/200921:4722:30Denmark Road, LowestoftRTC, persons trappedNT01, NT06, NT02Two vehicle RTC at junction of Denmark Road and Katwijk Way. No persons trapped, vehicles made safe by Fire Service. 
04/04/200906:4908:00Lowestoft Tool Hire, Alexandra Road, LowestoftAFANT06  
04/04/200903:2507:46Kirkley Run, LowestoftFire - Make Pumps 5NT01, CN01, NT02, NT06, WM04, BS0G
Additional appliances:
Make Pumps 7 - SD01, BS01, YH pump, YH HP plus support pump
Fire at same property as incident on 25/02/2009. 3HRJ, 1x45, 12BA. Firefighting hampered by scaffolding erected after last fire.View blog
30/03/200911:3812:04Fir Lane, LowestoftSmoke from carNT01, NT02Vehicle made safe by Fire Service. 
25/03/200913:1414:19Grange Road, BecclesRTC, person trappedBS01, NT06, NT01Two vehicle RTC, one vehicle on roof. No persons trapped.
First shout for Normanshurst's ERT - NT06
24/03/200913:5714:45St.Peters Street, LowestoftRTC, person trappedNT05, NT02
Additional appliances:
YH pump
Fire Priority 1 female casualty, medically trapped. Roof removed. Casualty conveyed to hospital by Ambulance ServiceView blog
24/03/200913:1413:57CEFAS, Pakefield, LowestoftAFA - confirmed fireNT01
Additional appliances:
NT02, NT05, CN01, YH Hydraulic Platform plus support pump
Small fire in photocopy room. 2BA, 1 DP extinguisher.View blog
24/03/200912:1912:45Cambridge Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Smoke issuing from rear of premises. 2BA, 1HRJView blog
23/03/200914:4216:00Beccles Road, Carlton ColvilleRTC, persons trappedNT05, NT01, NT02Two vehicle RTC, two persons trapped. Cutting gear in use to remove roof. Air Ambulance attended incident. View blog
21/03/200919:0419:45All Saints Green, WorlinghamGrillBS01, NT02No action by Fire Service. NT01 proceeded to incident. Retained crew on standby at Normanshurst. 
20/03/200920:3721:25Anchor Fisheries, Alexandra Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02False Alarm Good Intent. 
20/03/200918:2719:05Yarmouth Road, LowestoftRTCNT05, NT01Two vehicle RTC at junction of Yarmouth Road and Harris Avenue. No persons trapped. Vehicles made safe. 
20/03/200912:0513:05Hall Lane, Camps Heath, OultonFire - caravanNT01
Additional appliances:
Fire in caravan, spread to second caravan and adjoining building. 1HRJ, 1x45. 
16/03/200908:4709:25Oulton Broad, LowestoftMan in waterNT01, NT0M, PT02, PT0VWater rescue for man in water. Inshore lifeboat carried out rescue. Retained called in on standby. 
11/03/200920:5021:20Market Lane, BlundestonStack fireNT01, NT02False Alarm, Good Intent. Controlled burning. 
11/03/200911:1811:45Barkis Meadow, BlundestonShed fireNT01Retained called in on standby. 
10/03/200911:5413:15Stanley Street, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Fire in centre room, ground floor of mid-terrace property. 4BA, 2HRJ View blog
05/03/200920:5621:10Northgate, LowestoftFlames from back of houseNT01, NT02False alarm, good intent. Controlled burning of rubbish in rear garden. 
04/03/200914:3014:50Glemham, SuffolkHorse in Swimming PoolNT0M, PT0VNo action by Fire Service. 
03/03/200909:0816:00Southwold areaWater RescueNT02, NT0M, PT02, PT0VContinuation of search for missing local man. 
02/03/200915:2219:00Buss Creek, SouthwoldWater Rescue incidentNT01, NT0M, PT02, PT0VWater Rescue mobilised to assist search for missing local man. View blog
01/03/200919:2520:35Boundary Lane, LoundCar FireNT01, NT02Car fire - possible stolen vehicle. 
27/02/200919:5921:02Anchor Smokehouse, Alexandra Road, LowestoftSmoke seenNT01, NT02Smoke seen in shop area of smokehouse. No sign of fire. TIC and 9m ladder in use. 
25/02/200916:5020:05Kirkley Run, LowestoftFireNT01, CN01
Additional appliances:
NT05, WM04, YH HP plus support pump, BS0G (FCV)
Fire in integral garage, spread to first and second floors and roof space. 10BA, 2HRJ, 2x45, 2 9m ladders, 2 roof ladders.View blog
24/02/200913:2113:40Nelson Court, Old Nelson Street, LowestoftAFANT02NT01 proceeded on as NT02 was booking mobile. 
21/02/200921:4222:07Stubbs Wood, LowestoftCar FireNT01, NT02Small fire in engine compartment. Out on arrival. 
21/02/200916:4017:40Grange Road, BecclesRTC - person trappedNT05, BS01, NT01Single vehicle RTC. Car hit electricity pole. Fire Service assisting paramedics in extricating casualty. 
20/02/200909:2610:12Raglan Street, LowestoftOvenNT01, NT02Fire in domestic oven. 2 BA, 1 HRJ 
20/02/200900:2200:55Wilson Road, PakefieldFireNT01, CN01Normanshurst retained called in on standby. 
19/02/200916:5618:00Berkeley Gardens, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Fire in tumble dryer. Heavy smokelogging throughout property. 2 BA, 1 HRJ.View blog
16/02/200917:3618:25St.Michaels Close, OultonFire in electrics cupboardNT01, NT02Small fire in electric cupboard. Awaited arrival of EDF engineer. 
16/02/200911:0411:27Hamilton Road, LowestoftCar fireNT01, NT02No action by fire service. Steam from blown gasket. 
14/02/200917:5620:30Commercial Road, LowestoftFire - chip shopNT01, NT02
Additional appliances:
Fire in extractor ducting. 
14/02/200901:4704:35Tom Crisp Way, LowestoftRTC, persons trappedNT05, NT01, CN01
Additional appliances:
Two vehicle RTC (one of which was a police car). Four persons trapped. Make Pumps 4 for manpower to deal with both vehicles and casualties.View blog
13/02/200921:2721:55Junction of Oulton Street and Union Lane, OultonRTC, petrol on roadNT05, NT02Two vehicle RTC, no persons trapped. Vehicles made safe and Oilsorb used. 
12/02/200915:2815:47Sands Lane, Oulton Broad, LowestoftRTC, person trappedNT01, NT05, NT02No action by Fire Service 
11/02/200915:1815:58Beccles Road, LowestoftRTC, smoke from carCN01, NT02Two vehicle collision, no persons trapped. 
10/02/200906:4307:25LavenhamWater rescueNT01, NT06, PT01, PT0VCar upside down in water, 2 persons trapped. Retained at Normanshurst on standby. 
09/02/200916:3516:55Haward Street, LowestoftRTC, car leaking petrolNT05, NT01  
05/02/200913:4514:05May Road, LowestoftFire - microwaveNT01, NT02Out on arrival, inspection only 
01/02/200921:0322:10Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftFire in industrial fryerNT01
Additional appliances:
Small fire in large industrial fryer. Foam extinguisher, 2BA, 1 HRJ and Thermal Imaging Camera. 
31/01/200915:1815:35High Street, LowestoftCookerNT01, NT02False alarm 
29/01/200917:1318:00Yarmouth Road (A12), LowestoftRTC, cars leaking petrolNT01, NT02Two cars involved in RTC, leaking petrol. No persons trapped. Vehicles made safe. 
29/01/200902:4303:05The Drifter, London Road South, LowestoftSmoke from light-fittingNT01, CN01RDS at Normanshurst called in on standby 
28/01/200915:3315:45CEFAS, LowestoftAFANT01RDS at Normanshurst called in on standby 
26/01/200912:2512:53Flixton Road, BlundestonTwo swans trapped in weirNT01, NT06Retained called in to provide standby crew. 
26/01/200910:0610:25Bevan Street West, LowestoftSmell of BurningNT01, NT02Smell of burning from electric cupboard. 
21/01/200917:5118:45The Sun Rise Inn, Corton Road, LowestoftFire in kitchenNT01, NT02Small fire in fryer. 2 BA with DP extinguisher. 
20/01/200918:0218:48Linstead Parva, near HalesworthPony in streamHW01, NT01, NT06, PT01, PT0V  
20/01/200917:3718:00Trafalgar Street, LowestoftFire in trailerNT01, NT02Rubbish in trailer on fire. One HRJ in use. 
17/01/200903:5704:13Norwich Road, LowestoftCar fireNT01, NT02Single vehicle RTC - hit stationary van. No fire. ChemDry in use to absorb leaking fuel. 
16/01/200923:1723:55The Hemplands, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Reports of fire in top floor flat. No sign of fire. 
16/01/200919:5920:21Denmark Road, LowestoftSmoke in flatNT01, NT02Grill pan, out on arrival. Inspection only. 
14/01/200907:1507:55The Street, LoundRTC, petrol on roadNT01, NT02  
13/01/200913:1914:45A146, Barnby BendsRTC, persons trappedNT05, BS01, NT02Two vehicle RTC. One person trapped in each vehicle. Cutting gear used to extricate casualties. 
10/01/200901:2303:15Shadingfield Close, LowestoftFire, persons reportedNT01, NT02
Additional appliances:
NT05 on make up to Persons Reported
Well developed fire in ground floor flat. 4 BA, 2HRJ, TIC in use. All persons accounted for. Suspected arson.View blog
06/01/200901:2902:02Bevan Street East, LowestoftShop, smoke seenNT01, NT02Smoke seen issuing from above shop fascia. No sign of fire. False alarm, good intent. 
04/01/200915:5116:24Jacobs Court, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Fire in grill pan. Dry powder extinguisher used. 
02/01/200909:3810:01Junction of Normanston Drive and Lakeland Drive, LowestoftRTC, person trappedNT05, NT01, NT02Single car, left road, through low metal barrier and 'parked' between two trees. No action by Fire Service.