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Normanshurst Fire Station, Lowestoft - Shouts in 2010

The information provided here gives a brief description of shouts received by the on call firefighters at Normanshurst Fire Station in Lowestoft, Suffolk during 2010.

This page is updated as soon after a shout as possible via our online database.

You will also see that there are links to any entries made in our firefighters blog relating to a particular incident.

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incidents in 2010

DateTime of CallTime of ReturnAddressIncidentInitial AppliancesDescriptionBlog entry
31/12/201002:5204:30High Street, LowestoftFire, persons reportedLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
LS02, LS06, Yarmouth hydraulic platform and support pump
3 storey terraced property, approx 16m by 15m, first floor flat well alight, 4 BA, 2 HR, 2 Thermal Imaging Cameras, 2 door enforcers, search of building in progress. Assistance message - Make Pumps 4, multiple persons reported. Stop at 03:57, all persons accounted for. 
30/12/201019:1219:30Bevan Street West, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01False alarm. 
24/12/201007:5009:50Chapel Road, WrenthamFireStandbyStandby at Normanshurst. House fire, possible gas explosion. Two casualties conveyed to hospital. 
22/12/201006:5507:30Kirkley Run, LowestoftFire, persons reportedStandbyStandby at Normanshurt. All persons accounted for at incident. 
21/12/201011:4612:25Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFANT01, LS06Heavily smoke-logged kitchen. 2 BA to ventilate. Empty pan on stove. 
18/12/201011:0011:15St.Peters Street, LowestoftCarLS01, NT01No details available. 
13/12/201017:3617:41Waterworks, LoundAFALS01, NT01Confirmed false alarm. Stood down before mobilising. 
07/12/201017:3519:40Lound Road, BlundestonFireLS01, LS06
Additional appliances:
Large shed and caravan well alight. 1 HRJ, 2 45's, 6 BA. Make pumps 3 for water. 
07/12/201010:3010:50Rant Score, LowestoftElectricity sub-stationLS06
Additional appliances:
No details available. 
07/12/201008:1508:40High Street, LowestoftSmell of smokeLS01, NT01, HQ01, HQ07Small fire in light fitting. Out on arrival. TIC in use. 
06/12/201006:4907:25Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftGrillLS01, NT01No details available. 
03/12/201012:3413:02Yeovil Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01False alarm. 
20/11/201013:0013:30Rotterdam Road, LowestoftRTC, petrol on roadNT01, LS01Motorcycle collided with parked cars, fuel on road. Oilsorb in use. 
17/11/201012:3913:25Regent Road, LowestoftCar fireLS01, NT01One car well alight. 2 BA and 1 HRJ in use. 
14/11/201015:4816:15Wensum Gardens, LowestoftAFANT01False alarm - fumes from cooking. 
14/11/201014:4215:48Waveney Road, LowestoftHouse fireLS01, LS02
Additional appliances:
House fire, make pumps 3. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
12/11/201020:2721:50Mountbatten Road, LowestoftCar fireNT01, LS01Car well alight. 2 BA, 2 HRJ and foam in use. 
12/11/201013:1814:55Commercial Road, LowestoftFire, persons reportedLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
LS02, LS06, BS0G
Fire in first floor flat. Make pumps 4, persons reported. 6BA, 2 HRJ, TIC. All persons accounted for.View blog
08/11/201005:5006:20Steeple View, LowestoftSmoke in houseNT01, LS01No details available. 
06/11/201018:5119:20Spashett Road, LowestoftRoofNT01, LS01False alarm, good intent. Chinese lantern landed on roof. 
05/11/201006:1611:40Sunrise Inn, Corton Road, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
LS02, LS06, Yarmouth HP and support pump
Fire at rear of property and into roof. Multiple BA wearers, HRJs, main jets, TIC.View blog
03/11/201021:4100:20Rant Score, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
LS06, Yarmouth HP and support pump
Fire in first floor flat. Suspicious origin. Make pumps 3, aerial appliance required. 4BA, 1 HRJ and thermal image camera in use.View blog
31/10/201001:0405:00Sunrise Inn, Corton Road, LowestoftAFA, smoke seenLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
LS02, LS06, BS0G
Fire in first floor flat. HRJs and BA in use. 
29/10/201010:4311:00Plaisir Place, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01No details available. 
26/10/201021:3122:10Orchard Terrace, LowestoftFireStandbyStandby at Normanshurst. 
22/10/201000:2900:55The Hemplands, LowestoftSmell of burningLS01, NT01Burnt pizza... 
21/10/201023:2200:05Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftAFALS01
Additional appliances:
NT01, LS02
Make pumps 3. No other details available. 
16/10/201018:1218:35Selby Street, LowestoftShed and fenceLS01, NT01Tree stump alight. 
13/10/201021:5022:45Station Road, SomerleytonCar fireLS01, NT01One car well alight, two HRJ. 
12/10/201001:4203:05Lymm Road, LowestoftShed attached to houseNT01, LS01No details available. 
08/10/201004:0204:45Malvern Rise, LowestoftMotorcycleNT01Fire Priority. Motorcycle well alight. Damage also to lamppost. Linked to previous incidents. 
08/10/201003:4304:00Bourne Road, LowestoftWheelie binNT01Running call. Seen when returning from previous incident. Three youths seen in area, police in attendance. 
08/10/201003:3203:41Peddars Way, LowestoftWheelie binNT01Wheelie bin, 1 HRJ. LS01 called to same area. 
07/10/201003:3904:10Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftSmoke under door, persons reportedLS01, NT01, LS02No details available. 
07/10/201001:4702:10Bridge Road, Oulton BroadAFA, smoke from building, persons reportedLS01, NT01, LS02False alarm - alarm caused by smoke from cigarette. 
03/10/201020:2421:40Worthing Road, LowestoftCookerNT01, LS01Small fire in cooker. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. 
02/10/201021:2921:50Tedder Road, LowestoftKitchenLS01, NT01False alarm, good intent. 
28/09/201019:2519:45Wildes Street, LowestoftBuildingNT01, LS01False alarm good intent. Smoke from smokehouse. 
23/09/201016:0417:05Stirrup's Lane, CortonRTC, petrol on roadLS01, NT01No details available. 
22/09/201011:3511:50Grassmere, LowestoftPetrol leak from car.LS01, NT01No details available. 
21/09/201013:0813:30Lowestoft Library, Clapham Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01No details available. 
20/09/201020:5121:10Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke from roofLS01, NT01False alarm, good intent. 
18/09/201023:2500:15Kirkley Run, LowestoftRTC, person trappedStandbyStandby at Normanshurst. All three appliances from Lowestoft South at RTC. 
18/09/201019:2520:00Quuen's Highway, Camps Heath, OultonFireLS01, NT01No details available. 
17/09/201009:1109:50Queen's Highway, Camps Heath, OultonFireLS01, NT01False alarm, good intent. 
14/09/201011:1911:35London Road North, LowestoftSmell of burningLS01, NT01False alarm. 
14/09/201011:1411:19Ashley Downs School, LowestoftAFANT01Confirmed false alarm. Stood down before mobilising. 
09/09/201018:2019:28London Road South, LowestoftFire, persons reportedLS01, LS02, LS06
Additional appliances:
NT01, Yarmouth HP and support pump
NT on standby to cover persons reported fire. Then mobilised to incident on Make Pumps 4. One female casualty rescued by Fire Service. 
08/09/201019:3520:15Castleton Close, LowestoftHouseLS01, NT01No details available. 
03/09/201021:4622:10Kevington Drive, Oulton BroadPetrol on roadLS01, NT01No details available. 
04/09/201001:5602:40St.Peters Court, LowestoftAFANT01Malicious breakage of call point. 
01/09/201011:0011:30Manor Court, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Small fire in kitchen. 
31/08/201021:2421:45Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke from buildingLS01, NT01False Alarm Good Intent - smoke from fish smokehouse. 
30/08/201019:4020:45Corton Road, LowestoftCar FireLS01, NT01One car well alight. 1HRJ, 2 BA. 
27/08/201017:3118:05Romany Road, Oulton BroadSmell of burningLS01, NT01No sign of fire, crews investigating. 
25/08/201012:2012:40Beccles Road, LowestoftRTCLS06, NT01, LS02Two vehicle RTC. Making scene safe. 
25/08/201011:0111:40Commodore Road, Oulton BroadSmoke from washing machineLS01, NT01Out on arrival, inspection only. 
20/08/201020:1421:03Corton Road, LowestoftFireLS01
Additional appliances:
Fire in undergrowth. Make Pumps 2 for water. 
20/08/201017:1818:00Lowestoft Library, Clapham Road, LowestoftSmell of smokeLS01, NT01Overheating electrical element. Inspection only. 
19/08/201012:3913:35Spashett Road, LowestoftGarageNT01, LS01Garage door. 1 HRJ. 
18/08/201016:4117:30Worthing Road, LowestoftOvenLS01, NT01Small fire in oven. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. 
07/08/201022:5000:20Rectory Road, LowestoftAFANT01Initially called in on standby. Mobilised to AFA at 23:54hrs. 
05/08/201021:0021:30Caldecott RoadFireLS06, NT01No details available. 
03/08/201015:2316:15Sands Lane, Oulton Broad, LowestoftAFANT01False Alarm Good Intent - burglar alarm sounding.
First shout from new Fire Station.
28/07/201000:4801:28Crown Street West, LowestoftRTC, person trappedNT01, LS06, LS01Single vehicle RTC. One female casualty 'removed' by Police and Ambulance Service. Fire Service made vehicle safe. 
26/07/201014:2615:00A146 Worlingham, BecclesRTC, persons trappedLS06, LS01, NT01Returned to home station, not required. 
25/07/201017:0718:00Corton Road, LowestoftHeathNT01Small area of cliff alight. Water backpack in use. 
25/07/201015:3415:50No details availableSmell of burningStandbyStandby at Normanshurst. 
24/07/201022:3023:05Corton Cliffs, LowestoftFireStandbyStandby at Normanshurst. 
22/07/201016:3017:05Yarmouth Road, LowestoftRTC, petrol on roadLS06, NT01One small van and one motorcycle involved in RTC. 
19/07/201021:4722:02Normanston Drive, LowestoftHouseLS01, NT01False Alarm Good Intent - controlled burning. 
16/07/201019:3720:13Wessex Foods, Hadenham Road, LowestoftInspection***Standby at Normanshurst while LS01 carry out inspection. 
15/07/201017:5123:00Wessex Foods, Hadenham Road, LowestoftRelief crewNT01Relief crew required. 
15/07/201017:1617:50B1375, Rackhams Corner, LowestoftPetrol on roadLS01, NT01Single motorcycle RTC. Oilsorb in use for fuel spill. 
13/07/201016:1117:00Camps Heath, Oulton, LowestoftFireLS01
Additional appliances:
Fire in empty metal tank. Well alight. 2 HRJ and foam in use. 
13/07/201010:4616:10Wessex Foods, Hadenham Road, LowestoftFire - relief crewNT01Relief for Leiston. Hitting hotspots at front of premises. Supply pump for Yarmouth hydraulic platform. 
12/07/201020:1500:45Wessex Foods, Hadenham Road, LowestoftFire - relief crewNT01Relief crew required at 2030hrs. 
12/07/201007:1112:50Wessex Foods, Hadenham Road, LowestoftFire - relief crewNT01Relief crew, taking over from Framlingham appliance.View blog
11/07/201018:2500:45Wessex Foods, Hadenham Road, LowestoftFireLS01, LS02
Additional appliances:
LS06, NT01, WM04, BS01, SD01, BS0G, EE01, SM01, LN05, SE05, EL01, HQ01, HQ07, HL01, HL0O, YH HP, YH
Fire in chicken processing factory. Most of building involved in fire. Multiple main jets and monitors. Water supply supplemented from local pond. Ammonia and nitrogen tanks being cooled, other gas cylinders removed from vicinity.View blog
09/07/201011:0311:15Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01False Alarm, equipment. 
07/07/201018:5120:40Corton Cliffs, LowestoftFIreLS01, NT01No details available. 
06/07/201022:0722:45Raglan Street, LowestoftFire, persons reportedLS01, NT01, LS06Grill pan fire. One male rescued by Fire Service. 
06/07/201018:5819:20Jacobs Street, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01No details available. 
06/07/201013:0514:15Sea Lake Road, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01No details available. 
05/07/201020:5321:20London Road South, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01No details available. 
05/07/201020:4220:53Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke from buildingLS01, NT01False Alarm Good Intent, smoke from smokehouse. 
03/07/201022:2623:05Harbour Road, Oulton BroadSkipNT01Waste skip well alight. 1 HRJ, 1 main jet in use. 
30/06/201018:2519:40A146, North CoveRTC, persons trappedLS06, LS01, BS01RTC involving car and coach. No further details at present. Normanshurst called in on standby. 
30/06/201016:0116:53Victoria Road, LowestoftFireLS01
Additional appliances:
Fire at paper recycling plant. 1 main jet, 1 HRJ. Normanshurst called in on standby. 
29/06/201019:1819:50Corton Cliffs, LowestoftFire in treesLS01
Additional appliances:
Small fire in trees. 
29/06/201010:5711:12Royal Avenue, LowestoftAFANT01False Alarm Equipment. 
29/06/201010:4010:56HensteadHorse in ditch***Standby at Normanshurst. 
28/06/201019:4320:00Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke issuingLS01, NT01Smoke from fish smokehouse. False Alarm Good Intent. 
23/06/201015:1517:20Corton Cliffs, LowestoftFireLS01
Additional appliances:
NT01, LS06
Three separate fires on Corton Cliffs. Make Pumps 3. 2 main jets, 2 HRJs, water back pack and beaters in use. 
22/06/201010:3411:00Norman Warrior, Fir Lane, LowestoftFire in grill panLS01, NT01Small fire in grill pan. Out before arrival of Fire Service. 
21/06/201022:0323:00Northgate, LowestoftFireNT01, LS01Small fire in groundfloor extension. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. Police in attendance as fire of suspicious origin.View blog
13/06/201017:3520:00Riverside Road, LowestoftFireLS01, LS06
Additional appliances:
NT01, WM04, BS0G, LS02
Fire in single storey derelict buildings. 3 main jets, 2 HRJ, 4 BA, breaking in tools in use. 
09/06/201022:5623:22Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFANT01False alarm, equipment. 
29/05/201017:0017:30Winnipeg Road, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Fire in derelict garage at rear of Winnipeg Road. 1 extended hosereel in use. 
28/05/201021:4923:00Union Lane, Oulton, LowestoftLarge unattended bonfireLS01
Additional appliances:
Make pumps 2 for water. NT01 provided water shuttle from half a mile away. 
26/05/201023:5901:00Wollaston Road, LowestoftAFANT01No details available. 
26/05/201018:2319:15Caldecott Road, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Uncontrolled burning of rubbish close to large disused boat sheds. NT01 supplied water to LS01. 1 HRJ in use. 
23/05/201022:5623:50Spashett Road, LowestoftBikeNT01No details available. 
21/05/201018:3119:22Old Nelson Street, LowestoftSmell of smoke on roofLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
Small fire on roof of building under renovation. 1 HRJ. Hydraulic Platform and support pump from Norfolk not required. 
17/05/201012:3313:25Blundeston Road, SomerleytonRTC, fuel on roadLS06, NT01Single vehicle RTC, car on its roof. No persons trapped. Fire Service cleared car from road and used oilsorb to absorb fuel spill. 
16/05/201020:4621:50Station Road, SomerleytonFireNT01Fire in wood. 
11/05/201020:0820:50Carlton Court Hospital, Carlton ColvilleAFANT01Alarm in boiler room. 
05/05/201020:4821:15Rotterdam Road, LowestoftRTC, vehicle fireLS06, NT01Car collided with parked vehicles outside Lacon Arms. All vehicles made safe. 
02/05/201014:1514:40Constable Close, LowestoftCar fireLS01, NT01Small fire in car boot. Out on arrival. No action by Fire Service. 
28/04/201012:5514:25A12 BenacreRTC***Normanshurst called in on standby. 
23/04/201017:2117:30Plaisir Place, LowestoftAFANT01Stood down before mobilising. LS01 proceeded on from a previous incident. 
22/04/201023:5300:07NoneNone***Crew not required. 
21/04/201015:3015:50Manor Court, LowestoftKitchen - persons reportedLS01, NT01, LS06No details available. 
20/04/201005:4007:10Bishops Walk, LowestoftBedroom fireLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
Bedroom fire. 4 BA, 2 HRJ, TIC and first aid in use. More in the Lowestoft Journal article  
17/04/201002:2803:05Denmark Road, LowestoftSmell of burningLS02, NT01Fumes from cooking - burnt sausages. 
13/04/201019:5620:30Rotterdam Road, LowestoftAFANT01False Alarm Equipment - fumes from cooking. 
07/04/201019:0919:30Sands Lane, LowestoftAFA - smell of burningLS01, NT01False Alarm Good Intent. 
05/04/201013:4014:10Oulton Road, LowestoftLightingLS01, NT01Overheating light fitting. 
03/04/201009:1709:55Victoria Road, LowestoftFireStandbyStandby at Normanshurst. 
29/03/201017:0918:20Waveney Drive, LowestoftRTC, person trappedLS06, LS01, NT01Two vehicle RTC. One person medically trapped. Roof removed using hydraulic cutting gear. 
24/03/201023:3623:58Trafalgar Street, LowestoftSmoke issuing from buildingLS01, NT01Small fire in kitchen, out on arrival. One person receiving attention from paramedic 
22/03/201016:2917:30Corton Road, LowestoftUndergrowthLS01
Additional appliances:
Fire on cliffs. Make Pumps 2 for manpower. 
17/03/201018:5219:35Elmhurst Avenue, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Small fire under caravan. 1 HRJ and water backpack. 
17/03/201013:0713:50Whapload Road, LowestoftFire - Make Pumps 2LS01, NT01AFA - confirmed fire. Make pumps 2. 
16/03/201018:4519:25Wheatacre Drive, Corton, LowestoftFlames from ventNT01, LS01Flames seen from boiler vent. Boiler isolated. 
13/03/201015:5917:20Edendale, LowestoftHouseLS01, NT01Fire in lounge. 4 BA, 2 HRJ.View blog
13/02/201014:3715:20Maidstone Road, LowestoftHouseLS01, NT01Chimney fire. Small gear in use. 
12/03/201021:2821:45Yarmouth Road, LowestoftCar FireLS01, NT01Minor RTC, no sign of fire. No action by Fire Service. 
12/03/201019:2819:56Commercial Road, LowestoftSmoke in flatLS01, NT01False alarm - fumes from cooking. 
11/03/201023:0100:40Squires Walk, LowestoftFire in bedroomLS01, NT01Fire in airing cupboard. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 main jet. 
11/03/201015:1816:10Jacobs Court, LowestoftKitchen fireLS01, NT01Small fire involving cooker.  
10/03/201013:2414:18Commercial Road, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01, LS02Fire (again) in disused police station. Persons reported.View blog
10/03/201011:3912:58Commercial Road, LowestoftFireLS06, NT01, LS02Fire in disused police station. Persons reported.View blog
08/03/201021:1100:15Commercial Road, LowestoftFire in disused supermarketLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
LS02, WM04, YH HP, YH pump
Fire in disused supermarket. 8 BA, 4 HRJ, TIC, main jets, hydraulic cutting gear.View blog
07/03/201005:0305:21Whapload Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01False alarm. 
28/02/201008:1408:40Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01False alarm. 
28/02/201006:5207:10Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01Confirmed false alarm. Returned to home station. 
21/02/201019:3720:35Hall Lane, Blundeston, LowestoftRTCLS06, NT01, LS01Single vehicle RTC. One casualty released by Fire Service. 
21/02/201011:1011:50Lowestoft College, St.Peter's Street, LowestoftAFANT01False alarm, good intent. 
21/02/201011:0311:10Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01False alarm. NT01 Fire Priority (see next entry). 
17/02/201020:0721:02Jay Lane, Lound, LowestoftSmoke from washing machineNT01, LS01False alarm, good intent. 
15/02/201017:5018:30Gilpin Road, LowestoftChimney fireNT01Chimney rods in use.View blog
15/02/201014:0316:00Stanley Street, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01House fire. Started in kitchen with heavy smoke-logging to rest of property. 2 HRJ, 4 BA, TIC and heat trace in use.View blog
10/02/201015:0015:45Waveney Drive, LowestoftFireLS01, LS06Fire in Portakabin. Normanshurst crew on standby. 
03/02/201012:5514:00FramlinghamHorse in ditchNT0MHorse stuck in ditch. Unimog from Normanshurst mobilised. 
31/01/201014:5415:05Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01Accidental activation of call point. 
29/01/201012:5713:25Corton Road, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01No details available. 
25/01/201015:2516:30Victoria Road, LowestoftFireStandbyStandby at Normanshurst. 
18/01/201016:2718:35The Street, BlundestonFire in workshopLS01, NT01Fire in workshop. Well alight. 2 HRJ, 4BA, TIC in use.View blog
12/01/201018:5419:20Leisure Way, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01No details available. 
10/01/201015:4016:05Higher Drive, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01No details available. 
08/01/201010:2010:45Valley Farm, SudbourneHorse in ditchLS01, NT0MAll crews returned to home station shortly after mobilising. 
08/01/201004:3405:02Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFALS01, NT01Accidental activation of call-point. 
01/01/201011:4712:05London Road North, LowestoftHot smell in officeLS01, NT01Overheating light fitting. No action by Fire Service.