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Normanshurst Fire Station, Lowestoft - Retained Shouts

The information provided here gives a brief description of shouts received by the Retained firefighters at Normanshurst Fire Station in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

The details on this page only relate to shouts received between 6th November and 31st December 2008.

incidents in 2008

DateTime of CallTime of ReturnAddressIncidentInitial AppliancesDescriptionBlog entry
31/12/200817:4117:57SpexhallHorse in ditchNT06Retained called in on standby to cover part of Red Watch manning Unimog. 
23/12/200814:4315:35Heliport, Caister Road, Great YarmouthHelicopter, persons reportedVarious Norfolk appliances plus NT05Helicopter crash at heliport, persons trapped. NT05 turned back on arrival at heliport. Norfolk pumps leaving incident at same time.View blog
21/12/200822:1723:25Shadingfield Close, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Fire in empty first floor flat. Suspicious origin. Police attended. 
20/12/200804:3706:25Pakefield Street, LowestoftFire, Persons ReportedNT01, CN01
Additional appliances:
Fire in building adjoining chip shop. Incident became Persons Reported - NT02 mobilised to incident at 04:50. All persons accounted for. 
19/12/200812:4213:17Co-op, Smallgate, BecclesSmell of burningBS01, NT01NT02 originally mobilised but NT01 ordered on from previous incident. One crew standing by on station. 
18/12/200814:3214:45Queens Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Kitchen fire - grill pan. Out on arrival. Inspection only. 
17/12/200801:1002:15Nurseries, Monckton Crescent, LowestoftFireNT01
Additional appliances:
Fire at garden nursery involving large polytunnel housing tractor and other agricultural machinery. NT01 (White Watch) already at incident when retained called in for Briarwood Road. Then incident went to Make Pumps 2 
17/12/200801:0303:05Briarwood Road, LowestoftFireNT02
Additional appliances:
Shed fire. Approx. 30 feet by 8 feet. Involving cans of petrol, 3 cylinders, paint. Three fences also involved. Fire spread to greenhouse and second shed.View blog
15/12/200820:2621:35Jacobs Street, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Fire in terraced house, possibly electrical. 2BA, 1 HRJ. Oxygen therapy given to occupants.View blog
13/12/200816:3917:35Tedder Road, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Fire in kitchen. Well alight. 2BA, 1 HRJ.View blog
13/12/200806:3109:10Lake Lothing, Harbour Road, Oulton BroadBoat - sinkingNT01
Additional appliances:
80 foot boat taking on water. LPP in use for approx. 1 hour. No headway made against rising tide.View blog
07/12/200820:1821:05Shadingfield Close, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Fire in doorway of unoccupied flat. Suspected arson.View blog
06/12/200816:2416:45Union Lane, Oulton, LowestoftAFA - smell of burningNT01, NT02  
05/12/200812:2712:45Desmond Drive, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Fire in oven. Out on arrival. Inspection only 
04/12/200820:4221:45Outside Four Ways Farm, Coast Road, CortonRTC, person trappedNT05, NT01, NT02Single vehicle RTC. Car on side next to deep ditch. Stab-Fast and cutting gear used. Female casualty released by Fire Service.View blog
03/12/200807:4308:25Victoria Terrace, Marine Parade, LowestoftRTC, person trappedNT05, NT01, CN01Car on side. Driver lightly trapped. Stab-Fast used.View blog
28/11/200816:0217:35Blundeston Road, SomerleytonRTC, person trappedNT02 plus 2 Norfolk appliancesTwo vehicle RTC. Casualty released from vehicle by Fire Service. 
28/11/200815:4816:00Next, North Quay Retail Park, LowestoftAFANT02Automatic Fire Alarm 
28/11/200815:2617:30George Westwood Way, BecclesRTC, persons trappedBS01, NT05, NT01RTC involving 3 vehicles. Three persons trapped. One female casualty cut from small van.View blog
22/11/200816:4617:00Harry Chamberlain Court, LowestoftFireNT01, NT02Toaster 
17/11/200814:1815:02Rear of Morrisons, Pinbush Road, LowestoftSmoke seenNT01Retained crew already on standby. No further details available. 
17/11/200813:3814:40Heritage Green, KessinglandMale fallen off scaffoldingNT05, CN01
Additional appliances:
Retained at Normanshurst called in to crew Unimog (NT06) 
15/11/200801:0102:15London Road North, LowestoftSmoke from flatNT01, NT02
Additional appliances:
Fire in unoccupied flat. 2BA, 1HRJView blog
14/11/200813:5216:38Corton Road, LowestoftRTC, person trappedNT01, NT02, NT05  
14/11/200811:4512:30Commercial Road, LowestoftCar in riverNT01, NT05, NT02, NT06, PT01, PT0VCar in river. Most appliances returned as no persons trappedView blog
06/11/200811:0013:55Kirkley Cliff Road, LowestoftChemical leak - ammoniaNT01, NT02, NT05, CN01, BS0G, HL0O, HL02, HQ0R, HK01Ammonia leak from domestic fridge. Area cordoned off. 2 GTS used. Full decontamination procedures iniated.View blog