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North Lowestoft Fire Station, Lowestoft - Shouts in 2023

The information provided here gives a brief description of shouts received by the on call firefighters at North Lowestoft Fire Station in Lowestoft, Suffolk during 2023.

You will also see that there are links to any entries made in our firefighters blog relating to a particular incident.

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incidents in 2024

DateTime of CallTime of ReturnAddressIncidentInitial AppliancesDescriptionBlog entry
13/09/202310:5211:58Bentley Drive, LowestoftRTCS16P3, S36R5Single vehicle RTC. Car into wall. B post removed and casualty extricated on long-board. My last shout after 21 years as an On Call firefighter. 
13/09/202305:2210:21Hall Road, Carlton Colville, LowestoftHouse fire, persons reported.S36P3, S36R5, S16P3All persons accounted for. Fire through roof of bungalow. 
12/09/202320:4620:47North Lowestoft Fire StationHAPPY RETIREMENT FF CARTER S16P3Message sent through from Control to acknowledge my retirement from Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service. 
12/09/202300:3300:41Whapload Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
10/09/202318:2918:56Church Lane, CortonRTCS36R5, S16P3Single vehicle RTC. Car on side. No persons trapped. No action by Fire Service 
09/09/202315:0615:41Squires Walk, LowestoftHouse fireS36R5, S16P3Wooden conservatory smouldering. 1 HRJ. 
05/09/202312:4713:43Corton Road, LowestoftFire in the open.S16P3, S36P3
Additional appliances:
Unattended camp fire. Water backpacks in use.
03/09/202309:4510:33Links Road, LowestoftFire in the open.S16P3Unattended camp fire. Water backpack and buckets in use. 
02/09/202310:5511:31Waveney Crescent, LowestoftAssist AmbulanceS16P3Assist Ambulance to remove casualty from property to ambulance. 
02/09/202309:2910:55BungayChemical fireUnknownNorth Lowestoft called in on standby. 
31/08/202310:1610:33Edinburgh Road, LowestoftHouse fire.S36P3, S16P3Small fire in kitchen, out on arrival. PPV in use. 
29/08/202319:2419:46Beaconsfield Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36R5, S16P3Fire in kitchen, out on arrival. PPV in use. 
12/08/202320:5321:11Swonnells Walk, Oulton BroadBuilding fireS36R5, S16P3Small fire in kitchen, out on arrival. PPV in use. 
11/08/202312:5913:30Unknown*Standby at North Lowestoft. 
10/08/202320:4421:01Fillisters Mews, LowestoftSmoke in general direction of.S16P3False alarm, good intent. Controlled burning. 
09/08/202307:2007:40UnknownStandby at North Lowestoft.*No details available. 
31/07/202316:1217:14Hollydene Close, LowestoftHouse fire, make pumps 3 for BA.S36P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
Fire in integral garage, spreading to first floor bedroom. 4 BA, 2 HRJ, 1 main jet, PPV and TIC in use. One cat rescued by Fire Service. 
29/07/202323:3004:35Lowestoft Road, Reydon, SouthwoldStack, open ground * RELIEF *Various.No details available. 
25/07/202315:2615:58Marham Road, LowestoftGas leak in premises.S36P3, S16P3No details available. 
22/07/202309:3412:04Nelson Road South, Great YarmouthBuilding fire, make pumps 6.S36P3, S16P3, S36R5, N25P1, N68P1, N69P7Fire in derelict hotel. 
17/07/202321:4222:05Union Lane, Oulton, LowestoftCO alarmS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
16/07/202318:3719:45Waveney Drive, LowestoftBuilding fire. Make pumps 3 plus aerial.S36P3, S36R5, S16P3No details available. 
16/07/202300:1401:47Wherry Hotel, Oulton BroadWater rescue, person reported in waterS36P3, S36R5, S36T9, S16P3, S15P3, S02C9Search carried out. No casualties located. 
16/07/202300:0500:13Lakeside Rise, BlundestonAssist Ambulance.S16P3Stood down. Mobilised to next incident. 
10/07/202322:1602:00Carlton Marshes, North Cove.Water rescue.N69P3, S02C9, S03P3, S03T9, S36P3, S36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
10/07/202315:2016:07St. Peter's Street, LowestoftRTC, persons trapped.S36P3, S16P3Two persons released from car on its side. 
04/07/202320:3320:49Monckton Avenue, LowestoftFire in the open.S16P3Small fire. Out on arrival. 
02/07/202308:4008:49Corton Cliffs, Corton Road, LowestoftFire in the open.No details available. 
29/06/202316:5217:15Normanston Drive, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
28/06/202308:3108:35South Quay, great YarmouthLorry fire.N69P7, NGOR3, S16P3, S36P3Stood down, no longer required. 
27/06/202309:4710:20Holly Road, Oulton BroadAnimal in water / mudS16P3, S36P3, S36R5, S36T9One horse rescued from dyke by Fire Service. 
22/06/202303:3004:10Hamilton Road, LowestoftPerson in waterS16P3, S36P3, S36R5, S36T9, S02C9No details available. 
13/06/202318:3819:17Corton Cliffs, Corton Road, LowestoftFire in the open.S16P3, S36R5No details available. 
12/06/202310:4811:08Tunstall Drive, LowestoftBuilding fire, persons reported.S16P3, S36P3, S36R5False alarm. 
11/06/202310:0310:25Links Road, LowestoftFire in the openS36P3, S16P3Small camp fire, out on arrival. 
09/06/202311:5912:06Normanston Drive, LowestoftRTCS36R5, S16P3Appliance returned to home station. 
01/06/202303:4704:17Volta Terrace, LowestoftGarage fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
30/05/202319:2819:34Whapload Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
29/05/202315:2915:50The Lawns, Caister Road, Great YarmouthFlat fireS16P3, S36P3, N69P3No details available. Suffolk pumps returned before arrival at incident. 
29/05/202311:5412:20Hopton Holiday Village, NorfolkBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3, N68P1, N69P7, NGOR3No details available. 
26/05/202318:3520:52Spexhall Way, LowestoftFlat fire, persons reported.S16P3, S36P3, NGOR3, S36R5, N69P7Flat fire, 4 BA, 2 HRJ, PPV. One casualty rescued via short extension ladder by S16P3 crew 
22/05/202307:0807:53A47(N), Corton, LowestoftVehicle fire smallS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
21/05/202302:0603:09Lakeside Rise, Blundeston, LowestoftFlat fire, persons reported.S36P3, S16P3, S36R5False alarm. 
14/05/202320:5621:02Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
09/05/202321:1421:45Pier Terrace, LowestoftBuilding fireS36R5, S16P3, N69A6 and support pumpFalse alarm. 
09/05/202320:0920:28St. Peter's Court, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
07/05/202302:0803:08The Parklands, Carlton ColvilleHouse fireS36P3, S16P3, S36R5North Lowestoft returned to station as no longer required. Remained on standby. 
04/05/202317:4018:02Nicholas Everitts Park, Oulton BroadPersons in waterS16P3, S36P3, S36R5, S36T93 people in water. Rescued by passing boat. 
01/05/202304:3211:33Southwold HarbourSee previous incidentMobilised as relief crew. 
01/05/202301:0804:32Chip shop, Southwold HarbourBuilding fireS12P3, S36P3, S36R5 plus additional pumpsNorth Lowestoft called in on standby. 
30/04/202318:2018:59St. Peter's Court, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, malicious. 
30/04/202302:3803:04Marham Road, LowestoftCO alarm.S36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
26/04/202318:0418:47Stanford Street, LowestoftHouse fire, persons reported.S36P3, S16P3, S36R5Sofa on fire. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. 
25/04/202320:3200:02Waveney Drive, LowestoftBuilding fire, MPU3 plus aerialS36R5, S16P3, S11P2, N69A6, N69P7Fire in disused, single-storey building. 4 BA, 3 HRJ, 2 main jets in use. 
18/04/202321:5922:05Oulton Court, LowestoftUnidentified smellS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
13/04/202305:3606:38Star Hotel, Hall Quay, Great YarmouthBuilding fire, persons reported.N68P1, N69A6, N69P7, N71P8, NGOR3, S36P3, S16P3No details available. 
11/04/202300:4900:57Tunstall Drive, LowestoftAFA, smell of smokeS36P3, S16P3Confirmed false alarm. Stood down shortly after mobilising. 
05/04/202313:4014:02St. Margaret's Road, LowestoftLate fire callS16P3Inspection and advice given. 
03/04/202308:4414:10Rectory Lane, Worlingham, BecclesDerelict building fire - relief crew.S16P3Damping down. 
02/04/202318:0022:40Rectory Lane, Worlingham, BecclesDerelict building fireS15P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
S11P2, S36P3, S14P1 plus other reliefs
Fire in derelict Village Hall. Main jets and monitors in use. 
02/04/202317:5418:00Waveney Drive, LowestoftDerelict building fire. North Lowestoft called in on standby.S36P3, S36R5  
28/03/202321:0021:16Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm 
22/03/202302:2202:51Short Lane, Blundeston, LowestoftHouse fire, persons reportedS36P3, S16P3, S36R5False alarm. 
20/03/202319:1920:26Wissett Way, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S36P3Electrical fire in cupboard. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 main jet and PPV in use. 
20/03/202308:3409:02Meadow Way, Carlton Colville, LowestoftRTCS36R5, S16P3, S36P3Single vehicle RTC. Car into garden wall. Returned, no longer required. 
18/03/202316:4317:11Waveney Drive, LowestoftDerelict building fireS36R5, S16P3, S11P2Out on arrival. Inspection only. 
17/03/202311:0311:15Minden Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
17/03/202303:1506:29Rectory Lane, Worlingham, BecclesBuilding fireS15P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
S11P2, S36P3, S36R5, S14P1
Fire in disused Village Hall. 
14/03/202320:2021:20Old Lowestoft Road, near WorlinghamCaravan fireS15P3, S16P3One caravan well alight. 2 HRJ, 2 BA, 1 covering jet. North Lowestoft supplied Beccles with tank of water. 
13/03/202322:1323:16Golf Driving Range, Warren Road, Gorleston, NorfolkBuilding fire, MPU4N69P7, NGOR3, S16P3, S36P3Suffolk pumps supplied Norfolk with tanks of water. Not required for firefighting. 
13/03/202319:5920:30Tunstall Drive, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
09/03/202308:1709:28Normanston Drive, LowestoftRTCS36R5, S16P32 vehicle RTC. Cutting gear used to remove doors and roof. One male casualty removed on long board into care of Ambulance Service. 
08/03/202309:3010:30Outside Bear & Bells PH, BecclesCar fireS36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
06/03/202322:1022:43Denmark Road, LowestoftGas leak.S36P3, S16P3No details available. 
02/03/202309:4010:15Stanford Street, LowestoftAFAS16P3No details available. 
01/03/202309:3711:07Star Hotel, Great YarmouthFire in derelict buildingS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
27/02/202316:4217:02UnknownUnknownS36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
25/02/202316:5717:07Peto Way, LowestoftCar fire following RTCS36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
21/02/202316:5517:10Copperfield Terrace, Blundeston, LowestoftUnknownS36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
11/02/202311:3211:52Fiske Gardens, LowestoftAFAS36P3
Additional appliances:
Confirmed fire. North Lowestoft mobilised. 
07/02/202301:5704:13Whapload Road, LowestoftMobile home fire.S36P3, S16P3Mobile home well alight. 4 BA, 2 HRJ, 1 main jet. 
30/01/202320:5321:16Whapload Road, LowestoftAFAS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
19/01/202316:2917:14Crome Walk, LowestoftGas leak.S36P3, S16P3Gas isolated, Ambulance Service treating casualty. Cadent requested. 
19/01/202315:4416:07Peterhouse Avenue, Gorleston, NorfolkHouse fireN27P7, N29P1, S16P3, S36P3Stop received en route to incident. Returned to home station. 
19/01/202313:2714:02Fiske Gardens, LowestoftAFA. Confirmed fire, make pumps 2.S36P3
Additional appliances:
Small fire in kitchen. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 main jet, PPV in use. 
15/01/202321:2322:12Oxford Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3Fire in fuse box. 
14/01/202313:5014:30Notley Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S36R5No details available. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
13/01/202323:0823:30Felixstowe DocksRescue from height.North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
01/01/202300:2100:34Rotterdam Road, LowestoftFire in the openS16P31 HRJ.