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North Lowestoft Fire Station, Lowestoft - Shouts in 2019

The information provided here gives a brief description of shouts received by the on call firefighters at North Lowestoft Fire Station in Lowestoft, Suffolk during 2019.

You will also see that there are links to any entries made in our firefighters blog relating to a particular incident.

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incidents in 2020

DateTime of CallTime of ReturnAddressIncidentInitial AppliancesDescriptionBlog entry
29/12/202019:4521:00Mill Lane, Corton, LowestoftChimney fireS16P39m and roof ladder, 1 HRJ, TIC and small gear in use. 
24/12/202020:4302:05BungayMajor Incident - floodingVarious
Additional appliances:
S02C9, S03P3, S03T9, S05P3, S06P3, S07P1, S08P3, S09P5, S10P1, S11P2, S12P3, S13P3, S14P1, S15C9, S1
Major Incident declared as River Waveney floods parts of Bungay. North Lowestoft mobilised from standby as a relief crew. 
24/12/202018:2520:43BungayFloodingVariousNorth Lowestoft called in on standby. 
24/12/202015:5317:15BungayFloodingVariousNorth Lowestoft called in on standby. 
18/12/202022:4123:11Norwich Road, LowestoftCaravan fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
13/12/202015:5316:03Blackheath Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3, S36R5False alarm, controlled burning. 
13/12/202014:2514:44Birch Close, Oulton Broad, LowestoftWood burner smokingS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. 
12/12/202017:5719:02Amy Court, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, 36R5North Lowestoft originally mobilised but stood down and kept on standby as night watch mobilised in ERT (S36R5). 
08/12/202020:2420:27St. Peter's Court, LowestoftAFAS16P3Stood down prior to mobilising as confirmed false alarm. 
07/12/202017:4519:20Grosvenor Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S36R5
Additional appliances:
S15C9, S15P3, S28S9, S28P3, S28P5
Fire in bedroom. Possibly asbestos so OSU from Haverhill mobilised. North Lowestoft on standby. 
06/12/202016:3816:56Runnymead Court, LowestoftAFAS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
03/12/202011:4111:50Suffolk Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
28/11/202012:2213:01Claremont Road, LowestoftSmell of gasS36R5, S16P3Supply isolated. 
27/11/202002:5403:14The Hollies, Stanley Street, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
24/11/202014:2414:57Commercial Road, LowestoftSmoke reported from buildingS36P3, S16P3Small fire in derelict building. 
21/11/202004:1706:22Bridge Road, Oulton BroadRoof fireS36P3, S16P3, S30A6
Additional appliances:
S36R5, S11P1
Make pumps 4 for roof fire. No details available. 
20/11/202008:4109:25Commercial Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3Small fire in derelict building. 1 HRJ. 
17/11/202019:3220:24Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton BroadAssist AmbulanceS16P3Male on children's climbing frame with suspected broken knee. Extricated by Fire Service and left with parents. No broken bones... 
17/11/202013:3414:57Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftFlat fire, persons reportedS36P3, S16P3, S36R5Fire in ground floor flat. 4 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 main jet, TIC and PPV in use. All persons accounted for. 
10/11/202020:3921:28The Hemplands, LowestoftLate call fireS16P3Small fire in kitchen, out on arrival. 2 BA, 1 HRJ and TIC used to check and ventilate. 
07/11/202004:3806:05Mutfordwood Lane, Carlton ColvilleFire the open - MPU2S36P3
Additional appliances:
MPU 2 for water. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
05/11/202022:0222:33Union Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
04/11/202005:3706:10Whapload Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
02/11/202013:0814:02Gorse Road, Reydon, SouthwoldSkip fireS36P3, S11P2North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
30/10/202011:1811:25Genista Green, Gorleston, NorfolkBuilding fire, persons reportedS16P3 and Norfolk pumpsStood down. False alarm. 
21/10/202018:4118:47St. John's Avenue, Gorleston, NorfolkBuilding fireS16P3, S36P3, Norfolk pumpsFalse alarm. 
20/10/202013:3313:51Normanston Drive, LowestoftLate Call FireS16P3False alarm. 
15/10/202017:1918:25Gillingham Dam, BecclesRTC, car in waterS15P3, S36P3, S36R5, S36T9, Norfolk pumpsCar in water. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
14/10/202021:2721:53May Road, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S36P3Fire in oven, out on arrival. Fire safety advice given. 
13/10/202023:0923:35Marine Parade, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
13/10/202010:2011:09Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton BroadBoat fireS16P3, S36R5False alarm, mechanical fault. 
10/10/202021:2522:01The Street, Corton, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
09/10/202008:1308:54Wellington Cottages, Clapham Road North, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3Small fire in kitchen. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, PPV in use. 
07/10/202018:5019:52Saxon Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S36R5No details available. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
06/10/202012:1412:35Corton Road, LowestoftCar fireS16P3No details available. 
06/10/202011:1612:14ReydonHouse fireS12P3, S11P1, S36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
03/10/202017:2017:48Rotterdam Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3Fire in public toilets. 2 BA, 1 HRJ and PPV in use. 
03/10/202002:4703:04Lorne Park Road, LowestoftHouse fire, persons reportedS36P3, S36R5, S16P3False alarm. 
02/10/202019:2820:16Weston Road, LowestoftHouse fire, persons reportedS36P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
Fire in kitchen. Made persons reported while en route. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. All persons accounted for. 
28/09/202018:0218:21Arnhem Court, LowestoftAbandoned callS16P3, S36P3Chip pan fire, out on arrival. 
27/09/202015:5916:07York Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm, fumes from cooking. 
27/09/202012:3213:42B1375, Rackham's Corner, LowestoftRTC, person trappedS16P3, S36R5, N69P7, N68P1Single vehicle RTC with driver medically trapped. Roof removed using cutting gear. Casualty extricated on long board to care of Ambulance Service. 
19/09/202018:5020:00Station Square, LowestoftAssist AmbulanceS36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
18/09/202023:1700:04Pleasant Place, BecclesHouse fireS15P3, S36R5Fire in extractor fan. Out on arrival. North Lowestoft on standby. 
18/09/202022:0723:17Manor Park Road, Corton, Lowestoft Shed fireS36P3, S16P3Shed well alight. Attached to garage and very close to bungalow. 2 HRJ, 2 BA, TIC, one main jet in use. 
16/09/202011:5312:17Rotterdam Road, LowestoftFire in toilet blockS16P3, S36P3, N68P1Small fire in toilets. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. Stop put in as S36P3 and N68P1 not required. 
16/09/202010:5711:53SouthwoldAnimal rescueS12P3, S36T9, S36R8North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
14/09/202015:3216:20Corton Cliffs, LowestoftFire in the openS36P3, S16P3Fire on cliffs. 1 extended HRJ in use. 
13/09/202017:2117:53Normanston Drive, LowestoftShed fireS16P3Shed alight, 1 HRJ. 
13/09/202016:5717:18London Road North, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
13/09/202013:2713:46Rotterdam Road, LowestoftFire in public toiletsS16P3, S36P3Small fire in public toilets. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. 
12/09/202014:2614:53Commercial Road, LowestoftDerelict building on fireS16P3, S36R5No action by Fire Service. 
12/09/202012:2514:26Park Hill Hotel, Oulton, LowestoftFire in the openS16P3
Additional appliances:
S36R5, Gorleston and Yarmouth pumps
Reports of lawn mower on fire. Mower was in outbuilding which was well alight and spreading to adjoining house. 2 HRJ in use. MPU2 for water, then MPU3 for water and BA. Main jet, roof ladder, short ex and TIC in use. 
11/09/202011:4612:17The Pippins, BlundestonHouse fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
27/08/202017:2018:57Victoria Road, Oulton Broad, LowestoftBuilding fireS36R5, S16P3
Additional appliances:
One metal clad workshop well alight. 2 HRJ (foam), 1 main jet, 2 BA. 
26/08/202021:0821:45Bevan Street East, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S36R5
Additional appliances:
Small amount of rubbish alight. 1 HRJ in use. 
25/08/202013:2914:50Commercial Road, LowestoftGas leakS36P3, S16P3, S09W7, S02C9Gas leak on Town Quay caused by demolition work.  
23/08/202015:2017:45A47 Acle Straight, NorfolkAnimal rescueS36R8, S36T9No details available. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
22/08/202012:0513:00Worlingham, BecclesTractor fireS36P3, S15P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
20/08/202016:1517:00VC Cooke, Ellough, BecclesReinspectionS36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby while duty Watch carry out reinspection. 
20/08/202010:0212:45VC Cooke, Ellough, BecclesReinspectionS16P3North Lowestoft called in on standby while duty watch reinspect. 
19/08/202010:0016:00VC Cooke, Ellough, BecclesBuilding fire - relief crewsS16P3Damping down. 
18/08/202022:5004:15VC Cooke, Ellough, BecclesBuilding fire - MPU6S36P3, S15P3
Additional appliances:
S36R5, S16P3, S11P1, S13P3
Fire in recycling plant. 
18/08/202013:0813:12Bells Road, Gorleston, NorfolkFire involving cylinders, make pumps 3Norfolk pump
Additional appliances:
S36R5, S16P3
Stood down prior to mobilising. 
13/08/202011:4112:41Waterside Park, CortonRTC, person trappedS16P3, S36P3, S36R5Slow speed RTC. One person medically trapped. Car stabilised and awaited arrival of Ambulance Service to assess driver. 
10/08/202015:0715:23Crown Street West, LowestoftGas cylinder fireS36R5, S16P3Out on arrival. Inspection only. 
07/08/202002:1503:15Sea wall, LowestoftRescueS36P3, S36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
01/08/202020:1820:40Raglan Street, LowestoftFence fireS16P31 HRJ. 
29/07/202011:1215:16Oulton MarshesAnimal rescueS16P3, S36R8, S36T9Roe deer stuck in mud. Mud paths, water rescue team and RSPCA. 
28/07/202023:0800:03Pinebanks, LowestoftFlat fireS16P3, S36R5
Additional appliances:
Flat fire, 2 BA, 1 HRJ. Assistance message for PPV. 
28/07/202020:0120:54Wedgewood Court, GorlestonExplosionS16P3, Gorleston, Carrow, AcleFalse alarm. 
28/07/202003:2803:45Buttercup Close, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
22/07/202022:3723:32Rotterdam Road, LowestoftCarbon Monoxide alarm, casualtyS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
20/07/202006:3507:15A12S, KessinglandRTCS36R5, S11P2, S36P3, S16P3Made scene safe. 
19/07/202019:0120:15CortonAFAS36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
16/07/202014:4916:04Alexandra Road, LowestoftRoof fireS36P3, S16P3, Norfolk ALP and support pump.Obstruction in flue of smokehouse. ALP and HRJ in use. 
14/07/202018:4419:30Marsh Road, Oulton BroadWater RescueS16P3, S36P3, S36R5, S36T9, S02C9Boat located and occupants located. All safe. 
13/07/202016:1516:30***AFAS36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
11/07/202015:0715:19Normanston Skate Park, LowestoftAssist AmbulanceS16P3Requested by Ambulance Service to gain access to park.  
02/07/202019:2920:05Raglan Street, LowestoftPerson trapped (not RTC)S16P3Elderly lady trapped on stairlift. Crew rescued lady. 
28/06/202012:2913:54Stirrups Lane, Corton, LowestoftRTCS36P3, S16P3, N68P1One male trapped by motorcycle on motocross track. Liaised with paramedic to release and treat before carrying back across rough terrain to ambulance. 
25/06/202013:5714:51Elizabeth Close, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
23/06/202019:1119:23Rotterdam Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
21/06/202015:1115:33Crown Street East, LowestoftFlat fireS16P3, S36P3False alarm. 
21/06/202007:5508:29Whapload Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3Out on arrival. Inspection. 
16/06/202016:2817:15UnknownUnknownS36P3North Lowestoft recalled to station for standby duties. 
16/06/202016:0716:21Oulton Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS16P3, S36R5False alarm, controlled burning 
03/06/202006:2308:05Flixton, LowestoftBarn fireS16P3, S36P3No details available. 
01/06/202016:3916:57Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, fumes from cooking. 
29/05/202023:0923:43Park Road, LowestoftAssist AmbulanceS6P3Mobilised from standby to assist Ambulance Service. 
29/05/202022:2023:09Iken, SuffolkWater rescueWater rescue from Lowestoft South and Princes Street, S08P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
28/05/202022:0423:00Kirkley Run, LowestoftFence fireS36P3
Additional appliances:
MPU2. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
28/05/202014:5715:32Bells Marsh Road, Gorleston, NorfolkHouse fireMartham, S36P3, S16P3Small fire in kitchen. 2 BA, 1 HRJ from Martham pump. 
24/05/202003:2104:28Belvedere Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
Persons reported. All persons accounted for. 
23/05/202012:0612:34Hopton, NorfolkBarn fireNorfolk pumps, S16P3, S36P3Stood down en route to incident. 
23/05/202007:3408:43Rackhams Corner, LowestoftCaravan fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
20/05/202021:1922:22Hillcrest Gardens, LowestoftAssist AmbulanceS16P3
Additional appliances:
No details available. 
20/05/202020:1621:19Runnymede Court, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
Incident made persons reported. No other details available. 
19/05/202021:0221:30Gunton Cliff, LowestoftBuilding fire - derelictS16P3, S36P3No details available. 
19/05/202020:0521:02Halcyon Crescent, LowestoftShed fire - MPU2S16P3
Additional appliances:
Two sheds well alight, cylinders involved. 2 HRJ, 2 BA. 
16/05/202021:2821:41Whapload Road, LowestoftHouse fire (seen from High Street)S36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. 
15/05/202016:3016:44Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, apparatus. Fumes from cooking. 
13/05/202010:5911:52Oulton BroadWater rescueS16P3, S36R5, S36P3, S36T9, S02C9 (drone), N68P1Man fell from dinghy. Rescued by passing boat. No action required by Fire Service. 
13/05/202009:1010:00Lawson Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
05/05/202006:5307:18Greenfleet Drive, OultonRTCS36R5, S16P3, S36P3No details available. 
27/04/202018:1819:09Corton Road, LowestoftFire in the open - MPU2S36P3
Additional appliances:
North Lowestoft supplied additional personnel and pump used as water shuttle. 
26/04/202010:2010:44Crown Street East, LowestoftFlat fire, persons reportedS36P3, S16P3, S36R5False alarm. 
22/04/202018:3019:20KessinglandRTCS36R5, S11P2, S36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
20/04/202023:2901:33North Parade, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
17/04/202016:4317:09Wollaston Road, LowestoftCar fireS16P3Small fire in engine compartment. 1 HRJ. 
17/04/202015:4016:43MutfordFire in the openS36P3, S36R5, S11P2North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
16/04/202009:5510:41Links Hill, LowestoftFire in the openS36P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
Extended hosereel used. Unimog made up for due to difficult access. 
15/04/202002:1303:34Myloden Road, LowestoftCaravan fire MPU2S36P3
Additional appliances:
Caravan and fence well alight. 
12/04/202008:0011:26Mells Court Farm, Mells, HalesworthBarn fire - reliefVariousNorth Lowestoft mobilised as relief crew. 
11/04/202016:5121:37Mells Court Farm, Mells, HalesworthBarn fire - relief crewVariousNorth Lowestoft mobilised as relief crew. 
07/04/202021:1501:38Carlton, SaxmundhamThatched roof - MPU10VariousNorth Lowestoft mobilised as relief crew. 
05/04/202020:1920:48Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, defect. 
27/03/202015:4616:17Corton Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3Inspection only. Electrics. 
25/03/202011:0311:23Love Road, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S36P3False alarm, controlled burning. 
20/03/202014:5615:58Ipswich Road, LowestoftShed fire, MPU2S36P3
Additional appliances:
16/03/202011:3112:10Constable Close, LowestoftAssist Ambulance ServiceS36P3
Additional appliances:
North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
15/03/202013:1913:41Broadland Sands, Coast Road, CortonCaravan fire, persons reported,S36P3, N69P7
Additional appliances:
One caravan. 4 BA, 2 HRJ , PPV in use. All persons accounted for. 
14/03/202018:2718:32Dukes Head Street, LowestoftAFAS16P3Stood down prior to mobilising. S36P3 proceeded to incident. 
28/02/202014:3815:18A12, PakefieldRTC, persons trappedS36R5, S36P3, S16P3RTC involving 2 cars. Three people released by Fire Service into care of Ambulance Service. 
24/02/202020:0520:36Commodore Road, Oulton BroadHouse fireS36P3, S16P3Fire in oven. 1 HRJ. 
22/02/202019:5720:08London Road South, LowestoftFlat fire, persons reportedS36P3, S36R5
Additional appliances:
Incident made 'persons reported' on arrival of first crew. S16P3 mobilised to MPU3. All persons accounted for. Stood down en route. 
19/02/202017:5218:12Victoria Terrace, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3No action by Fire Service. 
14/02/202017:4518:07Church Road, BlundestonRTCS36R5, S16P3, Gorleston pumpStood down en route. No longer required. 
13/02/202010:5911:34James Paget Hospital, Lowestoft Road, GorlestonBuilding fire - electrical3 Norfolk pumps, S36P3, S16P3Stop received on our arrival at JPH. 
11/02/202019:3719:54High Street, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm apparatus, other. Fumes from cooking. 
09/02/202012:3013:35Dell Road, LowestoftTreeS36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. Storm Ciara. 
08/02/202014:5815:27Newcombe Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
05/02/202006:0406:25Gorleston Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
04/02/202020:5521:14Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
03/02/202000:0901:16Sandringham Road, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S36R5Electricity box. 
01/02/202014:0314:29Rotterdam Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS16P3, S36P3Fire in public toilets. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. 
28/01/202017:4718:35Marsh Road, Oulton BroadBuilding fireS36P3, S36R5Fire in roof. 
21/01/202020:3520:57Rotterdam Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
10/01/202022:0622:44Whapload Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
05/01/202010:3411:06London Road South, LowestoftBuilding fire, persons reportedS36P3, S16P3, S36R5False alarm.