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North Lowestoft Fire Station, Lowestoft - Shouts in 2021

The information provided here gives a brief description of shouts received by the on call firefighters at North Lowestoft Fire Station in Lowestoft, Suffolk during 2021.

You will also see that there are links to any entries made in our firefighters blog relating to a particular incident.

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incidents in 2020

DateTime of CallTime of ReturnAddressIncidentInitial AppliancesDescriptionBlog entry
28/12/202110:3511:40A12, DarshamRTCS13P3, S09P5, S36R5, S05PŁNorth Lowestoft called in on standby. 
27/12/202119:4620:11Oulton Street, Oulton, LowestoftAFAS16P3, S36P3False alarm, fumes from cooking. 
25/12/202113:5114:00Green Drive, LowestoftAssist AmbulanceS16P3Stood down en route. 
25/12/202113:4813:51Hervey Street, LowestoftGarage fireS36P3, S16P3Redirected to assist Ambulance. S36R5 mobilised to this incident. 
21/12/202119:0819:38Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. Malicious. 
19/12/202123:3101:14Harris Avenue, LowestoftChemical spillS36P3, S16P3, S36R5, S15C9, S15P3, S10P1, S02C9, S04P3, S04T7, S04X3, S23P3, S28P5, S28C9No details available. 
11/12/202114:4416:02Harrington Avenue, LowestoftHouse fireS36R5, S16P3Fie in airing cupboard. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, TIC and PPV in use. 
10/12/202106:2107:26Mill Road, LowestoftBuilding fire, persons reportedS36R5, S16P3, S36P3, S11P2, NGOR3, N69P7Fire in first floor kitchen. 2 persons trapped in adjacent bedroom. One male rescued using 9m ladder. One female rescued by BA teams, using smoke hood. 4BA, 2 HRJ, 9m ladder, PPV and TIC in use. 
08/12/202112:0312:32Bloomsbury Court, Oulton Broad, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
08/12/202111:5712:03Southwold harbourBoat fire - alongsideS12P3, S13P3, S36R5Fire on pleasure craft. LPP used to supply main jet. 2 BA. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
05/12/202121:5923:58Howley Gardens, LowestoftHouse fireS36R5, S16P3
Additional appliances:
S11P2, S36P3, N69A6, N69P7
Fire in loft. 6 BA, 1 HRJ, TIC in use. 
05/12/202115:0915:40John Street, LowestoftAssist ambulanceS36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
28/11/202123:2800:13Artillery Way, LowestoftRTCS36P3, S16P3, S36R5Single vehicle RTC. Cutting gear used to remove drivers door and B post. Driver left in care of Ambulance Service. 
28/11/202113:1714:40Battery Green Road, LowestoftAssist AmbulanceS36R5
Additional appliances:
Yarmouth ALP and supporting pump
North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
28/11/202100:5402:11Denmark Road, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
Flat fire. Made persons reported. All persons subsequently accounted for. 
26/11/202118:3221:29Burgh Castle Nursery, Mill Lane, Burgh Castle, NorfolkBarn fire, make pumps 6Norfolk pumps, S16P3, S36P3, S36R5, S15P3Fire in barn adjacent to caravans and other buildings. North Lowestoft used as firefighting appliance alongside a Norfolk pump. Our pump supplied via water relay of Suffolk pumps. 
15/11/202111:4012:37Ashley School, Ashley Downs, LowestoftBuilding fireS16P3, S36P3Small fire in kitchen, out on arrival. 2 BA used for inspection and ventilation. 
14/11/202118:3419:19Ivy Lane, LowestoftAnimal rescue, smallS36R5, S36P3, S36T9, S16P3No action by Fire Service. 
10/11/202112:1612:54London Road South, LowestoftFlat fire, persons reportedS36P3, S36R5, S16P3Small fire in flat, 4 BA, 1 HRJ, PPV in use. All persons accounted for. 
03/11/202121:1021:44London Road North, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S16P3Fire out on arrival. 2 BA for inspection and ventilation. PPV in use. 
01/11/202113:0813:55Carlton Road, LowestoftRTCS36R5, S36P3, S16P3Single vehicle RTC, one female medically trapped. 
31/10/202116:2616:45London Road North, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
31/10/202111:2411:56St. Peter's Court, LowestoftSmell of gasS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
25/10/202117:4118:42Mill Road, MutfordAnimal rescue, horse in ditchS36P3, S16P3, S36T9, S36R5No details available. 
25/10/202117:1117:41St. Peter's Street, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S36P3False alarm. 
22/10/202123:1823:31Bannatyne's, Peto Way, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
22/10/202117:3118:05Love Road, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S36P3False alarm. 
15/10/202122:0022:21A47 Southbound near Rackham's CornerCar fireS16P3False alarm, turbo blown. 
13/10/202123:2323:34Denmark Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
11/10/202110:1010:20Lowestoft DocksShip fire - reinspectionS36P3, S36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
10/10/202119:0721:26Lowestoft DocksShip fire alongsideS36P3, S16P3, S15C9, S12P3, S11P2, S36R5, S13P3, S15P3, S02C9, N87A6, N87P3, S30T9, S28P3, S28S9Fire in engine room of vessel. Fire suppression system activated. 
09/10/202105:2405:56The Trossachs, OultonBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
08/10/202121:2121:45St. Margaret's Primary Academy, Church Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
07/10/202122:1022:30Kent Road, LowestoftFire in the openS16P3No action by Fire Service. 
05/10/202116:0617:20Queen's Highway, OultonAnimal rescue largeS36R5, S36P3, S16P3, S30T9One horse rescued from water filled ditch. 
03/10/202113:3314:20Sewerage works, CortonAFAS16P3False alarm, defect. 
03/10/202111:5013:33Low Road, MellsAnimal rescueS12P3, S13P3, S36T9, S36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
29/09/202112:3613:18KessinglandHay bale on fireS36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
25/09/202102:5106:10Broadside Park Farm, ReydonBarn fire, MPU4S12P3, S11P2, S36P3, S09W7, S36R5, S15P3, S15C9, S28P5, S28S9North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
20/09/202117:5418:25Coppice Court, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
17/09/202112:3713:50Raglan Street, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S36R5Fire in 1st floor bedroom. 4 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 main jet, TIC and PPV in use. 
08/09/202105:1606:23Harry Chamberlain Court, Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftFlat fire, MPU2S36P3
Additional appliances:
AFA. On arrival flat fire discovered and assistance message sent for make pumps 2. HRJ, main jet and PPV in use. 
06/09/202114:2714:45North Quay Retail Park, LowestoftGas leakS16P3, S36R5, N68P1, N69P7False alarm. 
03/09/202120:4322:24Quay Road, Gorleston, NorfolkBuilding fireAcle, S16P3, S36R5Fire at public toilets, spread from bin store to roof. 2 HRJ, TIC and small gear in use. 
22/08/202120:3021:55London Road South, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S36R5Flat fire. 4 BA, 2 HRJ. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
19/08/202122:5022:54North Quay Retail Park, LowestoftRTCS36R5, S16P3, S36P3No longer required. Stood down prior to mobilising. 
19/08/202122:0022:15Bourne Road, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. 
17/08/202114:0215:37Stradbroke Road, LowestoftGas main leakS36R5, S16P3, S09W7, S02C9Gas main in front garden. 2 BA used to make temporary repair. Covering jets and cordon in place. 
15/08/202112:4118:46Cambrian Crescent, Oulton BroadHouse fireS16P3, S36P3, S11P2Bungalow, fire in bedroom. 4 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 main jet, TIC and PPV in use. Fire investigation. 
15/08/202112:1612:41Love Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3Small fire in kitchen, out on arrival. 
10/08/202110:3711:55Ellough Airfield, BecclesAircraft crashS15P3, S36R5, S16P3, S03T9, S09W7, S02C9, N25P1, N68P1Gyrocopter with 1 person onboard crash landed. Pilot transported to hospital by air ambulance. 
09/08/202121:4301:05St.Peter's Court, LowestoftFlat fire, persons reportedS16P3, S36P3, S36R5, S11P2, N68P1, S15P3, NGOR3, N69A6, S01A6, S01P3, S28S9, S28P3No details available. 
06/08/202115:0515:23Borrow Road, Oulton BroadWater rescueS36P3, S16P3, S36R5, S36T9, S02C9Two persons in water. Rescued by Broads Authority launch. 
04/08/202122:5523:23Beccles Road, Oulton BroadHouse fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
04/08/202119:3619:51Montgomery Avenue, LowestoftFire in the openS16P3Small fire, out on arrival. 
04/08/202118:5519:36A12, BlythburghRTCS11P1, S12P3, S13P3, S36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
03/08/202114:5915:25Gun Lane, LowestoftSmell of smokeS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
31/07/202117:2018:10Ellough, BecclesPerson trapped (not RTC)S36R5, S15P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
29/07/202122:4223:44Newsons Meadow, LowestoftShed fireS16P3, S36R5Shed well alight. 1 HRJ and small gear in use. 
28/07/202112:1712:19Mills Drive, Corton, LowestoftRTCS16P3, S36R5, N68P1, S11P1Single vehicle RTC. Car crashed into garden. Trees and bushes cut back and vehicle stabilised. Casualty walked out by Ambulance Service. 
25/07/202114:0715:56Queen's Road, Great Yarmouth, NorfolkBuilding fire, make pumps 4N68P1, N69P7
Additional appliances:
S36P3, S16P3
Fire in car workshop. BA, HRJ, main jets, TIC, small gear and PPV in use. 
23/07/202119:2420:30Corton Cliffs, LowestoftFire in the openS36P3, S16P3One extended HRJ and beaters. Different location to previous incident. Suspect deliberate as another incident close by to this one at same time. Police in attendance. 
23/07/202118:2419:10Corton Cliffs, LowestoftFire in the openS36P3
Additional appliances:
Fire in undergrowth. 1 HRJ and beaters. 
22/07/202117:3517:57Milton Road East, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
22/07/202117:2517:33Peterhouse Road, Gorleston, NorfolkHouse fireAcle, S36P3, S16P3Stood down soon after mobilising as confirmed false alarm. 
17/07/202114:2214:40Hollowell Close, Oulton, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
16/07/202122:4723:00Commercial Road, LowestodtFlat fireS36P3, S16P3Small fire, out on arrival. 
11/07/202112:2113:00Commercial Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36R5, S16P3, S36P3Small fire in derelict building. 1 HRJ 
09/07/202123:1800:53Cheshunt Avenue, Gorleston, NorfolkHouse fire, persons reportedGorleston, Great Yarmouth, Acle
Additional appliances:
S36P3, S16P3
08/07/202108:0008:27Melbourne Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3Fire in kitchen. Small gear and PPV in use. 
07/07/202116:4317:50Trafalgar Street, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3Fire in first floor flat. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, TIC and PPV in use. 
04/07/202119:4320:10Skate park, BlundestonChild with hand stuck in gateS16P3No action by Fire Service. 
01/07/202123:0723:45SomerleytonWater rescueVariousNorth Lowestoft called in on standby. 
29/06/202111:2011:41Ormiston Denes Academy, Yarmouth Road, LowestoftRoof fireS36P3, S16P3, S36R5, N69A6No details available. 
27/06/202120:3821:20Corton Cliffs, LowestoftFire in the openS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
24/06/202114:1515:24Ormiston Denes Academy, Yarmouth Road, LowestoftFire, solar panelS36P3, S36R5Fire in solar panel. 
21/06/202118:2519:40Kirkley Cliff, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S36R5
Additional appliances:
Building fire. MPU3 for Cobra. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
18/06/202116:2917:40B1074 HerringfleetRTC, person trappedS16P3, S36R5, S36P3Single car RTC. Vehicle on side. Stab-Fast and other stabilisation used. Windscreen removed with reciprocating saw. Casualty walked out and left in care of Ambulance Service. 
18/06/202107:4008:10A146 BarnbyRTCS36R5, S15P3, S36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
12/06/202118:2219:59Oulton Marshes via Wood Lane, OultonAnimal rescue, largeS16P3, S15P3, S36P3, S03P3, S03T9Cow in water filled ditch.  
12/06/202101:1802:11London Road, Pakefield, LowestoftBarn fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
10/06/202122:5823:55Spexhall Way, LowestoftFlat fire, persons reportedS16P3, S36R5
Additional appliances:
Fire in stairwell. 1 casualty rescued from 1st floor bedroom by Fire Service. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 main jet, TIC in use. 
04/06/202123:0600:10St. Peters Court, LowestoftAFAS16P3  
02/06/202115:2816:05Stanley Street, LowestoftLift rescueS36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
01/06/202122:3522:50Station Square, LowestoftBuilding fire, smoke from wiringS36P3, S16P3Inspection only. 
01/06/202118:0518:30Hunton Road, Oulton, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S15P3Small fire on hob. Out on arrival. 
01/06/202113:3718:05Old Nelson Street, LowestoftMan on roofS36R5, Yarmouth ALP and support pumpNorth Lowestoft called in on standby. 
25/05/202110:2410:44Canning Road, LowestoftLock in / life risk. Baby locked in car.S16P3, S36P3Stood down prior to arrival. 
22/05/202117:0817:36Station Road, Corton, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3Problem with wood burner. PPV used to clear smoke. 
22/05/202114:4415:49Wissett Way, LowestoftAnimal rescue - waterS16P3, S36P3, S36T9Reports of muntjac deer in pond. Mud path launched and search made. No sign of deer. 
17/05/202105:0205:25Hobart Way, Oulton BroadAssist AmbulanceS36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
09/05/202116:0916:50The Tussochs, Oulton BroadShed fireS36R5
Additional appliances:
North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
07/05/202121:0921:40Corton Long Lane, CortonRTCS36R5, S16P3, S36P3Crews made scene safe and provided lighting. 
02/05/202115:4815:51Broad Row, Great YarmouthBuilding fireNorfolk pumps, S16P3, S36P3Stood down prior to mobilisation. 
26/04/202111:3311:43ThwaiteThatch fire - reliefsS16P3Stood down prior to mobilising as pump would have been crew deficient soon after mobilising. 
25/04/202114:1015:39School Road, Great YarmouthBuilding fire, persons reportedVarious Norfolk pumps
Additional appliances:
S16P3, S36P3, ALP and Control Unit
Fire in derelict care home. BA teams from Norfolk and Suffolk committed to search building. 
25/04/202114:0214:10Alpha Road, Gorleston, NorfolkBuilding fireN67P7, S16P3, S36P3Fire in derelict building. Redirected to next incident - building fire, persons reported. 
18/04/202115:1015:25North Parade, LowestoftAssist AmbulanceS36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
17/04/202122:5423:26Corton Road, LowestoftFire in the openS36R5, S16P3No details available. 
17/04/202117:3518:00A12 LowestoftCar fire following RTCS36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
13/04/202120:2520:49Alexandra Road, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S36P3Fire in kitchen, out on arrival. Inspection only. 
12/04/202121:2522:10Puddingmoor, BecclesWater rescueS15P3, S36P3, S36R5, S36T9, S02C9False alarm. North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
11/04/202115:3917:20Love Road, LowestoftShed fire - MPU2S36P3
Additional appliances:
Shed, well alight and spreading o fence. 4 BA, 2 HRJ, TIC and cromes in use. 
12/04/202116:5617:15Higher Drive, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
04/04/202112:3313:15Norwich Road, LowestoftFire in the open.S36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
30/03/202119:3519:52Corton Road, LowestoftFire in the openS16P3, S36P3False alarm. 
30/03/202119:1919:35Bloomsbury Court, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
26/03/202117:5618:42Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton BroadWater rescueS36R5, S36P3, S16P3, S36T9, S02C9Reports of person in water. All appliances rendezvoused at Yacht Station with Police and Coastguard. North Lowestoft pump retasked to other side of Oulton Broad on Broadview. One female rescued by Fire Service boat and brought ashore at Broadview. First aid given till arrival of ambulance. 
25/03/202116:5017:39Milton Road East, LowestoftFlat fire, persons reportedS36P3, S16P3, S36R5Fire in hallway of house. One female in 1st floor flat led to safety via short extension ladder. 2 BA, 1 HRJ and PPV in use. 
23/03/202110:4412:09Queens Highway, Camps Heath, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
Fire in workshop. 2 HRJ, 2 BA. 
21/03/202117:0917:54Corton Road, LowestoftFire in the openS36P3, S16P3Small fire in undergrowth. 1 HRJ in use. 
21/03/202113:2114:30Park RoadAssist AmbulanceS36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
09/03/202101:5903:09Spexhall Way, LowestoftHoue fire, persons reportedS16P3, S36P3, S36R5Fire on stairs outside first floor flat. 2 BA, 1 HRJ and 9m ladder in use. One person and two cats rescued by BA team. 
25/02/202111:1911:57Wilde Street, LowestoftCarbon monoxide alarmS36P3, S16P3Inspection. 
23/02/202117:1917:28Church Lane, Carlton ColvilleRTCS36R5, S16P3, S36P3Stood down en route to incident. 
22/02/202114:5015:15Wilde Street, LowestoftCarbon monoxide alarmS36P3, S16P32 BA used to check interior of caravan. 
22/02/202108:2308:43High Street, LowestoftAFA, smell of smokeS36P3, S16P3, N69A6, NGOR3False alarm. 
20/02/202106:2306:43Fir lane, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
13/02/202109:1218:00North Lowestoft Fire StationStandby***Standby. 
12/02/202120:2421:15A47 Southbound between Hopton and CortonRTCS16P3, S36R5, S36P3Two vehicle RTC. One casualty assisted from vehicle and scene made safe. 
12/02/202106:4708:13Coast Road, Corton, LowestoftCaravan fireS16P3, S36P3One static caravan well alight. 2 BA, 3 HRJ in use. 
07/02/202119:5620:55Walton Road, LowestoftGas leakS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
06/02/202111:4412:01Ipswich Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
03/02/202114:5515:15Tethys Place, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S16P3Kitchen fire, out on arrival. Inspection only. 
30/01/202117:0017:27Dorking Road, LoundBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm, controlled burning. 
30/01/202112:2013:00A12, KessinglandRTC, persons trappedS36R5, S11P2, S36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
26/01/202121:4922:04Denmark Road, LowestoftFire in the openS16P3No details available. 
24/01/202122:3423:27San Francisco Walk, LowestoftHouse, fire, persons reportedS36P3, S36R5, S16P3No details available. 
20/01/202102:5103:13Spasheett Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
19/01/202105:0905:15Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3Stood down as S36P3 attended. 
19/01/202102:3402:54Gordon Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
12/01/202113:2013:59Norwich Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS16P3, S36P3Fire in workshop. 1 HRJ and TIC in use.