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North Lowestoft Fire Station - Shouts in 2012

The information provided here gives a brief description of shouts received by the on call firefighters at North Lowestoft Fire Station, Suffolk during 2012.

This page is updated as soon after a shout as possible via our online database.

You will also see that there are links to any entries made in our firefighters blog relating to a particular incident.

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incidents in 2012

DateTime of CallTime of ReturnAddressIncidentInitial AppliancesDescriptionBlog entry
27/12/201216:5717:25Blyford Road, LowestoftCooker fireS36P3, S16P3Fire out on arrival, inspection only. 
25/12/201213:0513:30Nelson Court, Old Nelson Street, LowestoftAFAS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
24/12/201211:4311:55Beccles Road, BarnbyRTCS36R5, S36P3, S15P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. Not required and stood down. 
23/12/201214:2215:00Tom Crisp Way, LowestoftFireS16P3No details available. 
23/12/201214:0314:22Burton Street, LowestoftFireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
22/12/201220:5522:10Oxford Road, LowestoftShed fireS36P3, S16P3Brick built shed measuring 4m x 3m well alight. 2 HRJ. 
22/12/201215:4716:30High Street, LowestoftFireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
20/12/201203:3604:40Park Hill, Oulton, LowestoftRTC, person trappedS16P3, S36R5, S36P3Single vehicle RTC. Roof removed and one female casualty conveyed to hospital by Ambulance Service. 
17/12/201219:5020:10Sandringham Road, LowestoftKitchen fireS36P3, S16P3False alarm, malicious. 
17/12/201215:1215:50Sir Morton Peto House, Victoria Terrace, LowestoftAFAS16P3No details available. 
13/12/201219:3221:00Princes Road, LowestoftGarage fireS36P3, S16P3Garage well alight. 2BA, 2 HRJ. 
11/12/201221:3823:45Premier Inn, Yarmouth Road, LowestoftFire in roomS16P3, S36P3
Additional appliances:
Fire in hotel room. 4 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 main jet. Make pumps 3 for BA. All persons accounted for. 
05/12/201222:4823:30Harris Avenue, LowestoftGas leakS36P3, S16P3Gas isolated. Transco engineer in attendance. 
05/12/201220:5221:45Blundeston Road, SomerleytonRTC - vehicle in water filled ditchS36P3, S16P3, S36R5, S36R8, S03R8Stood down. Remain on standby. Odd decision as we would have committed before any of the oncoming specials and appliances. Apparently Lowestoft South is closer to Somerleyton than we are... No persons trapped. 
11/11/201201:0202:10St.Margarets Cottages, HerringfleetHouse FireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
09/11/201219:0319:50Domino's Pizza, St. Peters Street, LowestoftSmell of smokeS36P3, S16P3No sign of fire. Crews investigating. Possibly smoke from fireworks. Nice pizza! 
14/10/201221:5922:40The Street, CortonBuilding fireS16P3, S36P3No details available. 
11/10/201215:3015:55High Street Surgery, LowestoftAFAS36P3, S16P3Smoke from light fitting. Inspection only. 
10/10/201219:1319:35Normanston Drive, LowestoftBin fireS16P3Wheelie bin alight next door to North Lowestoft fire station. Wheeled into yard and extinguished using hydrant and short length... 
10/10/201212:3312:50Hill Road, LowestoftFence fireS36P3, S16P3Out of control bonfire spread to wheelie bin and fence. 1 HRJ. 
09/10/201220:2120:40Winnipeg Road, LowestoftBench alightS16P3Small fire on bench in children's play area. 1 HRJ. 
08/10/201217:2117:38Raglan Street, LowestoftSmoke from buildingS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Smoke from fish smokehouse. 
08/10/201205:2706:15Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftFire in fryerS36P3
Additional appliances:
Fire in industrial fryer. 1 HRJ and foam in use. 
03/10/201213:5616:00Victoria Terrace, Marine Parade, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S16P3Fire in fourth floor flat. 4 BA, 1 HRJ, TIC in use. 
02/10/201211:3211:40Kirkley Gardens, LowestoftFire, persons reportedS36P3, S36P4, S36R5North Lowestoft called in on standby. Stood down on arrival at fire station. 
29/09/201214:2614:50Rotterdam Road, LowestoftShed fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
26/09/201212:1112:50Raglan Street, LowestoftGas leak in kitchenS36P3, S16P3No action required. 
24/09/201219:1120:10Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3No sign of fire - malicious call. Then inspected large bonfire near North Lowestoft Fire Station. 
24/09/201216:5017:30Stevens StreetKitchen fireS36P3, S16P3Small fire in kitchen, out on arrival. Ventilation and inspection only. 
20/09/201213:3414:15Union Place, LowestoftCat on roofS16P3One cat rescued from roof. 
19/09/201221:1921:50Windsor Road, LowestoftBin fireS16P3No details available. 
19/09/201220:3621:19Bonds Meadow, LowestoftShed fire - Make Pumps 2S36P3
Additional appliances:
Called in on MP2. Then informed another pump sent (from Lowestoft South). Kept on standby. 
16/09/201209:2009:35Boots the Chemist, London Road North, LowestoftSmoke seenS36P3, S16P3False alarm. 
06/09/201215:5817:05Rear of Broadlands Holiday VillageCaravan FireS36P4, S16P3One disused touring caravan in middle of field well alight. 1 HRJ. 
05/09/201223:3500:10Fir Lane, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3Fire in bathroom. 
05/09/201214:0614:55BecclesWater RescueWater rescue teamNorth Lowestoft on standby. 
04/09/201212:3013:35Camps Heath, LowestoftHorse in dykeWater rescue & UnimogNorth Lowestoft on standby until our new pump 'died'. Beccles then sent to Lowestoft South to cover town. 
03/09/201209:1809:40Chapel Lane, Carlton Colville, LowestoftCaravan fireS16P3, S36P4, S36P3Fire priority from previous incident. False alarm, good intent. Fumes from cooking. 
03/09/201209:0509:18Normanston Drive, LowestoftFire in fuseboxS36P3, S16P3Small fire in domestic fusebox. Out on arrival. 
02/09/201220:2823:00Monckton Crescent, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
S36P4, Yarmouth ALP and support pump
Fully involved fire in semi-detached house. Make Pumps 3 and ALP required. 4 BA, 2 HRJ, 45mm covering jet & TIC in use. Suspicious origin as property empty from fire 10 days earlier - see previous incident. 
23/08/201221:5923:23Monckton Crescent, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S36P4
Additional appliances:
S36P3, S36R5
Fire in ground floor of semi-detached house. 4 BA, 2 HRJ, 1 45mm covering jet, door breaker and TIC in use. 1 male casualty rescued by Fire Service. 
22/08/201209:2209:30Bevan Street East, LowestoftBuilding fireS36P3, S16P3Confirmed false alarm. 
15/08/201215:3816:35Stanley Street, LowestoftAFA with smoke seenS36P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
Fire in ground floor flat. Made 'persons reported' on arrival of first pump. 4 BA, 1 HRJ. All persons accounted for. Fire Investigation required. 
10/08/201212:5813:40North Lowestoft Fire StationStandby & vehicle changeover***Crew brought in on standby as only available appliance locally and also to complete rapid vehicle changeover. New pump needs some digital TLC... 
09/08/201217:3818:04Europa Road, LowestoftUnknownS36P3North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
06/08/201219:3820:00Wilde Street, LowestoftSmoke seen from roofS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Smoke from fish smokehouse. 
02/08/201222:5223:25Lymm Road, LowestoftFireS16P3, S36P4No details available. 
01/08/201203:3304:40Denmark Road, LowestoftRTC, person trappedS36R5, S16P3, S36P3One car struck lamppost and railings, coming to rest in railway station car park. Hydraulic cutting gear used to remove roof. One male casualty taken to hospital by Ambulance Service.View blog
31/07/201219:1219:30Herivan Close, Oulton Broad, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, good intent. Fumes from cooking. 
25/07/201213:5914:10Hobart Way, LowestoftFemale locked in kitchenS16P3Mobilised and then returned as no longer required. 
24/07/201217:1217:30Standby at Lowestoft SouthStandbyS16P3Standby at Lowestoft South to provide crew for ERT. 
04/07/201215:4517:20A12, PakefieldRTC, persons trappedS36R5, S36P3, S16P34 vehicle RTC, just south of Pontins. Hydraulic cutting gear, Tirfor winch and small gear in use. Air Ambulance conveyed one male to hospital, other casualties conveyed by road ambulance.View blog
30/06/201202:1503:00Reeve Street, LowestoftMale requesting FireS16P3, S36P4No details available. 
26/06/201209:4010:10Borrow Road, Oulton Broad, LowestoftAFAS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Fumes from cooking. 
27/06/201216:5917:20Manor Court, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, good intent. Fumes from cooking. 
27/06/201216:1716:59KessinglandChemical incidentChemical PDANo details available. North Lowestoft on standby. 
27/06/201214:1915:30Horn Hill, LowestoftRTCS36R5No details available. North Lowestoft on standby. 
21/06/201221:0522:00The Foxburrow, Yarmouth Road, LowestoftSmoke in buildingS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
17/06/201200:1400:50London Road North, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm. 
10/06/201215:2116:05Beacon Bingo, Whapload Road, LowestoftSmoke in buildingS36P3, S16P3Smell of electrical burning. Crews investigating. 
09/06/201217:3518:10High Street, LowestoftAFA, smell of smokeS36P3, S16P3False alarm. Fumes from cooking. 
02/06/201217:3517:55BecclesRTCS36R5, S36P3, S15P1No details available. North Lowestoft on standby. 
01/06/201220:1521:10Ullswater Close, LowestoftHouse fire, persons reportedS36P3, S36P4, S36R54 BA, 2 HRJ. All persons accounted for. One cat rescued by Fire Service. North Lowestoft on standby. 
30/05/201223:3500:45A146, Carlton ColvilleRTC, persons trappedS36R5, S36P3, S36P4Single vehicle RTC. One female casualty cut free from vehicle. North Lowestoft on standby. 
28/05/201221:1821:35Fir Lane, LowestoftFire in the openS16P3False alarm, good intent. Controlled burning. 
28/05/201218:2318:35Wilde Street, LowestoftSmoke from roofS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Smoke from smokehouse. 
27/05/201210:5711:50Corton Road, LowestoftGorse fireS36P3
Additional appliances:
Mobilised on Make Pumps 2. Provided water shuttle. 
25/05/201217:0918:10Standby at North Lowestoft******No details available. 
12/05/201216:0216:30Beresford Road, LowestoftBird stuck in chimneyS36P3North Lowestoft on standby. 
05/05/201208:2508:45Roman Road, LowestoftSmell of smokeS16P3, S36P3False alarm, good intent. 
03/05/201208:3516:50SuffolkFloodingWater RescueNorth Lowestoft on standby covering town as Water Rescue have been sent to Bury St. Edmunds to assist at major flooding incident. 
03/05/201204:4905:25Stanley Road, LowestoftFireS16P3, S36P4One skip, well alight. 
02/05/201208:2908:55London Road South, LowestoftRTCS36R5, S36P3, S36P4North Lowestoft called in on standby. 
28/04/201218:1819:25Allen Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
28/04/201217:1818:18Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3No details available. 
28/04/201213:4914:15Nelson Court, Old Nelson Street, LowestoftAFAS16P3No details available. 
28/04/201209:4610:15Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftPerson trapped in liftS16P3All lifts checked. No persons trapped. 
25/04/201210:0410:10Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3Stood down before booking mobile - confirmed false alarm. 
23/04/201211:2211:40Normanston Drive, LowestoftSmoke seen in openS16P3False alarm, good intent, Controlled burning. 
20/04/201220:3521:05Union Lane, Oulton, LowestoftBuilding smokingS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
18/04/201221:0821:45Mariners Score, LowestoftFire in openS16P3No details available. 
14/04/201217:4318:05Wensum Gardens, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, good intent. Fumes from cooking. 
11/04/201208:4910:05Jenkins Green, LowestoftHouse FireS16P3, S36P3Fire in first floor bedroom. 4 BA, 1 HRJ. 
09/04/201201:2301:30Kimberley AvenueCO alarmS16P3Not required. 
08/04/201217:2118:55Flixton Road, LowestoftRTC, persons trappedS36R5, S36P3,S16P32 vehicle RTC. Cutting gear used to release one female casualty. 
02/04/201219:5920:35Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3No details available. 
30/03/201215:2515:55Norwich Road, LowestoftCat on roofS16P3One cat removed from roof using 9m ladder and one firefighter... 
27/03/201210:1610:35Hamilton Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, good intent - testing alarm system. 
24/03/201210:3611:02Bloomsbury Court, LowestoftSmoke from buildingS36P3, S16P3Small fire in bathroom, out on arrival. One female treated for smoke inhalation. 
21/03/201220:1420:45Europa Road, LowestoftFire in openS16P3False alarm, good intent. Controlled burning. 
20/03/201217:4318:00Wilde Street, LowestoftSmoke seenS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Smoke from fish smokehouse... 
16/03/201216:1416:40Westwood Avenue, LowestoftRTC, car in shopS36R5, S16P3, S36P3Car rolled into shop front. No persons trapped. Vehicle made safe. 
16/03/201210:2111:05Pinewood Avenue, LowestoftFlat fire, persons reportedS36P3, S36R5, S16P3Fire in kitchen. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, all persons accounted for. 
15/03/201213:3814:10Old Nelson Street, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, good intent. Fumes from cooking. 
15/03/201203:2503:45Waterlane Sports Centre, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm equipment. 
13/03/201220:1620:50Crestview Drive, LowestoftFireS16P3, S36P3Fire in grill pan. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. 
13/03/201219:1519:25Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke seenS16P3, S36P3False alarm, good intent. Smoke from fish smokehouse. 
10/03/201220:3820:58London Road South, LowestoftFire, persons reportedS36P3, S36P4, S16P3All persons accounted for. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. Stop received and returned to home station. 
08/03/201207:5508:30Oxford Road, LowestoftFireS36P3, S16P3Small fire. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. 
07/03/201212:0312:45London Road South, LowestoftFireS36P3, S36R5
Additional appliances:
Fire in first floor flat. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 main jet. 
02/03/201218:3818:56Bevan Street West, LowestoftFireS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Steam from boiler. 
28/02/201221:2121:35Pier Terrace, LowestoftFire, persons reportedS36P3, S36P4
Additional appliances:
No details available. Appliance no longer required, returned to home station. 
26/02/201217:5118:15Wensum Gardens, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, good intent. Fumes from cooking. 
26/02/201215:5216:05Wensum Gardens, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, good intent. Fumes from cooking. 
20/02/201218:4419:00Wildes StreetFireS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Smoke from roof of fish smokehouse. 
15/02/201215:4715:40Lawson Road, LowestoftHouse fireS36P4, S16P3No details available. Stop received and returned to home station. 
13/02/201222:1722:40Wensum Gardens, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, good intent. Smoke from candle. 
13/02/201218:1918:40Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke from roofS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Smoke from fish smokehouse. 
10/02/201206:2206:30Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3Confirmed false alarm. Stood down before mobilising. 
08/02/201215:2015:55Jeanie Mann Court, Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3False alarm, good intent. 
07/02/201220:5720:15Whapload Road, LowestoftSmoke seenS16P3, S36P3Fale alarm, good intent. Believed to be steam from Birds Eye factory. 
06/02/201219:0819:22Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke issuing from roofS36P3, S16P3, Yarmouth HP and support pumpFalse alarm, good intent. Smoke from fish smokehouse. 
05/02/201221:1421:45Wollaston Road, LowestoftAFA with smokeS16P3, S36P3Small fire on cooker. 2BA, 1 HRJ. 
04/02/201221:5122:20Station Road, Corton, LowestoftAFA, smell of burningS36P3, S16P3False alarm, equipment. 
04/02/201214:4116:05The Street, SomerleytonChimney FireS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
01/02/201211:3312:10Monckton Avenue, LowestoftBoilerS36P3, S16P3No details available. 
28/01/201219:5820:25Newsons Meadow, LowestoftHouse fireS36P3, S16P3Cigarette dropped in bedroom and fell through floorboards. Water backpack in use. 
28/01/201201:3001:40Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3Confirmed false alarm. Returned to home station. 
27/01/201218:1218:40Jeanie Mann Court, Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFAS16P3No details available. 
19/01/201208:0108:20Seagull Theatre, Morton Road, LowestoftFireS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Steam from heating. 
18/01/201217:1317:45Pinewood Avenue, LowestoftFlat fireS36P3, S16P3Small fire in kitchen, out on arrival. One female receiving oxygen therapy. 
18/01/201216:3817:13Church Lane, OultonGas boilerS16P3, S36P3Explosion in domestic gas boiler. Ventilation of property. National Grid in attendance. 
16/01/201219:2819:45Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke seenS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Smoke from fish smokehouse. 
15/01/201214:0314:25Manor Court, Dukes Head Street, LowestoftAFAS16P3No details available. 
15/01/201203:2103:45Love Road, LowestoftFire, persons reportedS36P3, S16P3, S36P4False alarm malicious, police requested to attend. 
11/01/201218:2118:50Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke seen from buildingS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Smoke from fish smokehouse. 
11/01/201211:2611:50Tonning Street, LowestoftFireS36R5, S16P3Small amount of rubbish behind derelict pub. 
09/01/201211:3812:40Green Lane, SomerleytonRTC, persons trappedS36R5, S36P3, Norfolk applianceNorth Lowestoft on standby at Normanshurst. Incident on our patch but not mobilised... 
07/01/201210:4111:10Corton Road, LowestoftSmell of smokeS36P3, S16P3False alarm, good intent. Controlled burning of rubbish from nearby allotment. 
05/01/201213:0013:50Normanshurst Close, LowestoftPersons trapped in house for 2 daysS16P3Young family in first floor flat unable to unlock ground floor front door. Access gained to flat by short ex ladder and internal panel of door removed. Police in attendance. 
04/01/201216:2117:25Whiting Road, LowestoftHouse fireS16P3, S36P3
Additional appliances:
Small fire in kitchen. One male rescued by Fire Service and given oxygen therapy, then handed over to Ambulance Service. 2 BA, 1 HRJ and door breaking tool in use.