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Normanshurst Fire Station, Lowestoft - Shouts in 2011

The information provided here gives a brief description of shouts received by the on call firefighters at Normanshurst Fire Station (North Lowestoft Fire Station) in Lowestoft, Suffolk during 2011.

This page is updated as soon after a shout as possible via our online database.

You will also see that there are links to any entries made in our firefighters blog relating to a particular incident.

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incidents in 2011

DateTime of CallTime of ReturnAddressIncidentInitial AppliancesDescriptionBlog entry
30/12/201110:2411:05Lound Hall Residential Home, Church Lane, LoundAFA, smell of burningS36P3, S16P3No sign of fire, crews investigating. 
26/12/201109:4010:25BungayCow in riverS36P3, S36R8North Lowestoft called in on standby at Normanshurst. 
25/12/201110:0010:40Shell Filling Station, Normanston Drive, LowestoftGas Leak from LPG bullet tankS36P3, S16P3Gas leaking from 3 ton LPG bullet tank. Water curtain in place. Supply supplemented by hydrant. 
18/12/201108:4809:20A1375 Park Hill, Oulton, LowestoftRTCS16P3, S36R5, S36P3Single vehicle RTC. Car on roof. One female casualty out of vehicle on arrival of Fire Service. 
18/12/201107:0208:30Bramble Green, LowestoftFireS36P3, S16P3
Additional appliances:
First floor flat, well alight. 4 BA, HRJ, 45mm covering jet, TIC in use.View blog
16/12/201120:4001:30Manor House, Lound, LowestoftFireS36P3, S16P3 and 2 Norfolk appliances
Additional appliances:
S36P4, YH pump, TL, S01P3, S15C9
Fire on 1st floor and roof of large detached property. BA, monitors, main jets, HRJ, 135 ladder in use. Water supply supplemented from local pond via North Lowestoft pump.View blog
06/12/201110:2011:10Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftFireS36P3
Additional appliances:
Fire in articulated trailer involving fat. 2 BA, 1 HRJ using foam. 
05/12/201101:5803:30Oulton Court, Bloomsbury Close, LowestoftAFAS36P3
Additional appliances:
S16P3, S36P4
Confirmed fire in ground floor flat. Incident now persons reported. One person rescued by Fire Service. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. 
03/12/201112:5513:05SouthwoldCalf in ditch***North Lowestoft called in on standby at Normanshurst. 
02/12/201102:0902:55Beaconsfield Road, LowestoftFireS36P3, S36P4
Additional appliances:
Fire in garage. Make pumps 3. North Lowestoft on standby at Normanshurst. 
30/11/201123:0700:45Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftFireS36P3
Additional appliances:
No details available. 
23/11/201118:3018:50Wildes Street, LowestoftSmoke from roofS36P3, S16P3False Alarm, Good Intent. Smoke from fish smokehouse. 
15/11/201116:4016:55No detailsStandby***Standby at Normanshurst. 
11/11/201121:0521:30Commercial Road, LowestoftSmoke from flatS36P3, S16P3Stop message received, returned to home station. 
04/11/201121:5422:45High Street, LowestoftFire - late reportS16P3Man found in hallway of flats with breathing difficulties an given Oxygen. Made entry to flat to check whether cooker left on. Ambulance and police also in attendance. 
04/11/201101:3101:40Queensgate Shopping Centre, PeterboroughAFAS16P3Called in error.  
31/10/201119:4219:47No details***Called in on standby. Stood down when sufficient crew available at LS. 
27/10/201117:2717:50Long Road, LowestoftVan fireS16P3Returned to home station as S36P3 mobilised from their previous incident. First shout through Cambs Control. Now using new call signs. 
22/10/201112:5713:57Worlingham Manor, BecclesHorse in waterLS01, LS0MHorse rescued by Fire Service. North Lowestoft on standby at Normanshurst. 
20/10/201120:1620:50Romany Lane, KessinglandFire***No details available. North Lowestoft on standby at Normanshurst. 
13/10/201108:2909:20Nelson Wharf, Victoria Road, LowestoftMachineryLS06, NT01Fire in waste compactor. 
10/10/201116:3917:02Horn Hill, LowestoftLorry fireLS01, NT01No sign of lorry. Stop received and returned to home station. 
07/10/201117:5018:45Monckton AvenueUndergrowthLS01
Additional appliances:
Make Pumps 2. No further details available. 
07/10/201115:0816:10Southwold HarbourWater rescueLS0V, LS01Car in harbour. Lifeboat and Coastguard made rescue attempts. North Lowestoft on standby at Normanshurst. 
04/10/201103:2605:00Gisleham Road, LowestoftFireLS01, LS02
Additional appliances:
LS06, YH HP and support pump
Fire in derelict house. Property 100% involved in fire. North Lowestoft on standby at Normanshurst. 
29/09/201101:2201:50Mountbatten Road, LowestoftCar fireLS01, NT01No details available. 
26/09/201118:2518:50The Hollies, Stanley Street, LowestoftSmoke in hallwayLS01, NT01No details available. 
23/09/201114:1516:00Normanshurst Close, LowestoftFire, persons reportedLS01, NT01, LS06Fire in bedroom of ground floor flat. 4 BA, 2 HRJ and TIC in use. 1 female casualty rescued by Fire Service and conveyed to hospital by Ambulance Service.View blog
21/09/201119:1919:45HensteadWater rescueLS01, LS0M, LS0VNo details available. North Lowestoft on standby at Normanshurst. 
18/09/201117:4418:03Wensum Gardens, LowestoftAFANT01False alarm, equipment. Fumes from cooking. 
18/09/201117:3817:44Britten Road, LowestoftSmoke seenNT01False alarm, good intent, Controlled burning. Fire priority to next incident... 
18/09/201116:4217:38Gillingham, BecclesCow in ditchLS01, LS0M, LS0VCattle in ditch, Unimog (LS0M) using strops to effect rescue. North Lowestoft on standby at Normanshurst. 
11/09/201118:5219:15Love Road, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01False alarm, good intent. 
10/09/201103:5806:30Shower block, Denes Oval, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Fire in disused shower block, measuring approx. 40m x 20m, well alight. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 main jet. Water supply from crap hydrant 7 lengths away... 
07/09/201120:5621:25Walton Road, LowestoftCooker fireLS01, NT01No details available. 
03/09/201116:5217:15Battery Green RoadCar FireLS01, NT01Small fire in engine compartment. One dry powder extinguisher used. 
03/09/201104:1404:35Spruce Court, LowestoftFlatLS01, NT01Small fire in chip pan, out on arrival. One male being treated by Ambulance Service due to smoke inhalation. 
02/09/201122:1602:15Queens Highway, Camps Heath, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
LS06, BS01, SD01
Fire in Dutch Barn measuring approx. 40m x 20m. Main jets and water monitors in use to extinguish large quantiity of straw and to protect adjoining buildings, one containing large number of pigs. Two LPP's working from open water. 
02/09/201119:1220:20A146, BecclesHorse in dykeLS01, LS0M, LS0VHorse stuck in water filled dyke. Unimog and Water Rescue team. North Lowestoft on standby at Normanshurst. 
29/08/201117:5818:15Ethel Road, LowestoftFlatLS01, NT01Small fire on cooker, out on arrival. 
22/08/201108:1909:29Hall Road, Hopton, NorfolkFire - Make Pumps 5Norfolk incident
Additional appliances:
LS01, NT01
Fire in compressor, spread to building and 2 shipping containers. Burning fuel running off towards LPG storage. Compressed Air Foam in use. New Norfolk ALP in use to check affected building. 
20/08/201120:5622:20Claydon Drive, LowestoftGas leakLS01, NT01Possible gas leak at detached bungalow. 2 BA used to isolate gas supply and ventilate property. 
20/08/201100:4202:05Eagle Tavern, Tonning Street, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
Fire in outhouse at rear of pub with stored furniture well alight. Make pumps 3 for water and personnel. 2 BA, 3 HRJ in use. 
17/08/201115:1515:45Herivan Close, LowestoftAFANT01No details available. 
16/08/201115:3815:45Ipswich Road, LowestoftCookerLS01, NT01No details available. 
15/08/201118:0518:35Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftAFANT01False Alarm, Equipment. 
15/08/201117:5818:05A12, KessinglandRTCLS06, WM04, Yarmouth Rescue TenderNorth Lowestoft called in on standby at Normanshurst. 
15/08/201102:4303:15Tonning Street, LowestoftCar fireLS01, NT012 BA, 1 HRJ in use. 
12/08/201115:0615:30Crown Street East, LowestoftSmell of smokeLS01, NT01Small fire on cooker. Out on arrival. 
11/08/201112:0614:06Adnams Distribution Centre, ReydonChemical Incident***On standby at Normanshurst covering for LS01 and LS02 at chemical incident. 
10/08/201112:0614:30Runnymede Court, Alexandra Road, LowestoftFire, persons reportedLS01, NT01, LS02Fire in second floor flat, kitchen area. 4 BA, 2 HRJ, 1 main jet in use. All persons accounted for. 
08/08/201115:5916:05Herivan Close, Oulton BroadAFANT01Stood down before mobilising. LS01 proceeded from neighbouring incident. 
03/08/201121:5722:20St.Margarets Plain, LowestoftAFANT01False Alarm, Equipment. 
03/08/201121:2521:54Sparrows Nest Gardens, LowestoftFire in bandstandLS01, NT01Small fire in bandstand. 1 HRJ. 
02/08/201117:2318:20Azure Seas Caravan Park, Corton, LowestoftLaundryLS01, NT01Fire in store room adjacent to shower block. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. Gas cylinders and petrol cans removed from store. 
02/08/201112:1312:42The Harbour Inn, The Thoroughfare, LowestoftTumbledrierLS06, NT01Small fire in tumbledrier. Extinguished before arrival of Fire Service. 
23/07/201115:2616:02Birds Eye, Whapload Road, LowestoftAFA, smoke in roof voidLS01, NT01No sign of fire. 
13/07/201111:5712:15Minden Road, LowestoftSmoke from freezerLS06, NT01False Alarm, Good Intent. 
09/07/201110:2111:45Denmark Road, LowestoftGas leakLS01, NT01No details available. 
07/07/201122:4723:20Normanston Drive, LowestoftCar fireLS01, NT01Car well alight. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. Requested attendance of police as fire of suspicious origin. 
06/07/201119:2621:10Corton Road, LowestoftSmoke seen from buildingLS01, NT01Fire in ground floor of derelict hotel. 1 HRJ, 2 BA. 
06/07/201101:5902:25Maltsters Way, Oulton BroadAFALS01, NT01Fumes from cigarette activating smoke alarm. 
05/07/201107:3508:10Somerleyton Road, Oulton, LowestoftRTC, person trappedNT01, LS06, Yarmouth PRTSingle vehicle RTC. Car on roof. One female released by Fire Service. 
01/07/201121:5022:20Beach, off Corton Road, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01False alarm, good intent. Controlled bonfire on beach. 
01/07/201119:5020:25Alexandra Road, LowestoftAFA, smell of smokeLS01, NT01No sign of fire. False alarm, good intent. 
28/06/201114:5515:25Corton Cliffs, Corton Road, LowestoftUndergrowthNT01, LS01False Alarm, Malicious. 
23/06/201122:3622:53Wherry Hotel, Oulton BroadFireLS01, NT01False Alarm, Malicious. 
09/06/201113:1613:50Corton Road, LowestoftUndergrowthLS01, NT01Small area of undergrowth. 1 HRJ and 1 water backpack inuse. 
08/06/201121:2521:50Zanetta Court, LowestoftUnknown outsideNT01Wheelie bin, out on arrival. Damping down using water backpack. 
05/06/201108:4509:45Corton Road, LowestoftUndergrowthLS01, NT01Small area of undergrowth. 2 HRJ. 
03/06/201111:1111:52Kevington Drive, LowestoftWashing machineLS01, NT01Fire in washing machine. Out on arrival. Inspection only. 
30/05/201118:1218:40Normanston Drive, LowestoftKitchenLS01, NT01Fire on electric hob. Out on arrival. Inspection and ventilation only. 
29/05/201117:0018:09ASDA, LowestoftFireLS01, LS02
Additional appliances:
Called in on standby. Make Pumps 3 at 17:09 for water and traffic management. Fire in waste compactor. LS02 swapped for LS06 to use Tirfor winch to pull industrial skip away from compactor unit. 2 BA, 1 HRJ, 1 45mm jet. 
28/05/201110:1110:40Corton Road, LowestoftSmoke seenLS01, NT01False alarm, good intent. 
27/05/201102:2302:52Zanetta Court, LowestoftKitchen fire, persons reportedLS01, NT01, LS02False alarm, malicious. 
25/05/201121:2721:55Kirkley Cliff Road, LowestoftAFALS01
Additional appliances:
LS02, LS06
AFA. Fire on second floor. Persons reported. One female casualty rescued by Fire Service. Standby at Normanshurst. 
Additional appliances:
Area of undergrowth on fire. Normanshurst on standby. 
22/05/201122:2801:30Whapload Road, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
1 single storey building well alight measuring approx. 20m x 10m, 1 HRJ and 1 45mm jet, 1 monitor and TIC in use. Fire of suspicious origin. More info on SFRS Facebook page » 
22/05/201116:4520:55Fritton Woods, FrittonFire in forestNorfolk incident
Additional appliances:
LS01, LS0M, NT01
Fire in forest measuring approx. 100m x 100m. Six pumps including Suffolk appliances used to ferry water from three hydrants to water carrier. HRJ and Unimog used to fight fire. 
22/05/201113:4314:20Denmark Road, LowestoftCooker fireLS01, NT01Small fire on cooker hob. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. 
19/05/201116:5418:00Corton Road, LowestoftHeath fireLS01, NT01Small area of heath. HRJ and water backpack in use. 
13/05/201110:1710:40Barnby Bends, A146RTCStandbyStandby at Normanshurst. 
12/05/201118:5521:10Corton Road, LowestoftHeath fireLS01
Additional appliances:
NT01, LS02
2 HRJ, 2 45mm main jets, Make Pumps 3 to assist with water supply. 
11/05/201112:3217:05Bethel Lane, KessinglandFireNT06, WM04
Additional appliances:
LS02, NT01
Derelict house, well alight. Main jets, ground monitors and hosereels, 2x 9m ladders, working at height equipment in use. Salvation Army Emergency Feeding unit in attendance. 
10/05/201122:2623:45Links Hill, LowestoftTrees alightLS01
Additional appliances:
Make pumps 2 for water. 
10/05/201117:3220:25Corton Road, LowestoftHeath fireLS01
Additional appliances:
Approx. 40 sq.m of heath alight. 1 extended hosereel, 1 45mm jet, 2 water backpacks. NT01 used to ferry water from hydrant. 
01/05/201116:0216:35A12 southbound, near Stirrups LaneCar fireLS01, NT01False Alarm, Good Intent - smoke from overheated oil. 
30/04/201117:1217:30Mountbatten Road, LowestoftVan FireLS01, NT01False Alarm, Good Intent - exhaust fumes from van. 
29/04/201121:5022:15York Road, LowestoftHouseLS01, NT01False alarm, malicious. 
19/04/201119:0019:20Britten Centre, LowestoftFire in binNT01, LS01Small fire in rubbish bin. Bucket of water used to extinguish. 
18/04/201116:4216:58Wensum Gardens, LowestoftKitchenLS01, NT01False alarm, good intent. Fumes from cooking. 
17/04/201121:5622:10Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFANT01False alarm. Returned to station. 
16/04/201122:1722:35Lawson Court, LowestoftKitchenLS01, NT01False alarm, good intent. Smoke from cigarette mistaken for kitchen fire. 
16/04/201121:1121:45North Denes, LowestoftHeathNT01False alarm, good intent. Controlled burning of rubbish. 
15/04/201114:5615:45The Denes, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Fire in disused shower block. 1 HRJ. Fire of suspicious origin. 
14/04/201116:1017:00London Road South, LowestoftHouse FireLS01, LS02North Lowestoft on standby at Normanshurst. 
14/04/201111:3812:55Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftAFANT01
Additional appliances:
Confirmed fire, make pumps 2. Heavily smoke-logged 1st floor flat. Small fire on hob. 2 BA to ventilate. 
13/04/201119:1819:40Herivan Close, LowestoftAFANT01False alarm equipment. Fumes from cooking. 
13/04/201114:5015:40Milton Road EastSmell of burningLS01, NT01No sign of fire, crews investigating. 
13/04/201110:1210:55Mount Pleasant, LowestoftFire, persons reportedLS01, NT01, LS06Fire in bedroom. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. All persons accounted for. 
13/04/201109:3709:55Peto Way, LowestoftRTCLS06, NT01Make vehicles safe. 
10/04/201115:3616:55Kirkley Cliff Road, LowestoftPersons trapped in liftNT014 people released from lift by Fire Service. 
10/04/201115:1915:36Corton Road, LowestoftUndergrowthLS01
Additional appliances:
Fire in undergrowth. Standby at Normanshurst. 
07/04/201118:1718:45Alexandra Road, LowestoftAFANT01False alarm, good intent. Fumes from cooking. 
05/04/201120:1720:40Herivan Close, LowestoftAFANT01False alarm equipment. Fumes from cooking. 
04/04/201112:0312:45HMP Blundeston, LowestoftFireLS06, NT01Small fire in recreation area. Out on arrival. Extinguished by prison staff. 
03/04/201118:4119:05Bevan Street West, LowestoftSmoke seen from windowLS02, NT01False alarm, malicious. 
03/04/201117:0017:40Church Green, LowestoftAFANT01False Alarm, Equipment. 
01/04/201117:5720:30Stanley Street, LowestoftFlat fireLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
Persons reported. One female casualty rescued by Fire Service. 
28/03/201114:2214:55Suffolk Road, LowestoftSmoke seenLS01, NT01Smoke seen from derelict building. Crews investigating. 
27/03/201117:2217:45Fish Market, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01Fire in ice chute. Out on arrival. 
26/03/201113:3114:00Hollingsworth Road, LowestoftGarageNT01, LS01Smoke seen from garage. Car removed from garage and made safe. 
22/03/201103:5604:20Bevan Street, LowestoftFireLS01, NT01No details available. 
20/03/201122:2823:15Bridge Road, Oulton Broad, LowestoftUnknown outsideLS01
Additional appliances:
Out of control bonfire. Make Pumps 2 for water. 
19/03/201116:2116:55Old Dairy, St.Margaret's Road, LowestoftGarage fireLS01, NT01Small fire in garage. 2 BA, 1 HRJ. Police called as fire of suspicious origin. 
10/03/201115:4516:25StandbyUnknown***Standby at Normanshurst. 
07/03/201115:5416:30Gorleston Road, LowestoftVan leaking gasNT01Running call when leaving previous incident. Dual fuel minibus, strong smell of gas. Helped to remove disabled children from vehicle to safe distance. Vehicle moved from main road, awaiting recovery. 
07/03/201115:3015:54Gorleston Road, LowestoftRTCLS01, NT01RTC involving one car and one motorcycle. Car made safe by Fire Service. Motorcyclist conveyed to hospital by Ambulance Service. 
05/03/201112:3613:02Britten Centre, LowestoftBin fireLS01, NT01Fire in rubbish bin in shopping centre. Out on arrival. 
26/02/201116:0417:00Yarmouth Road, LowestoftCar fireLS01, NT01Car well alight. 1 HRJ, 2BA.  
19/02/201101:0003:30Normanston Drive, LowestoftFireNT01, LS01
Additional appliances:
Fire in first floor flat. Well alight. Persons reported. Two casualties being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. 4BA, 2 HRJ, 9m ladder, safe working at height equipment and TIC in use. View blog
18/02/201119:1320:50B1127, HulverRTC, persons trappedLS06, LS01, WM04, BS01, Loddon 5Standby at Normanshurst. RTC involving HGV and coach. Heavy rescue equipment in use. 
14/02/201112:5314:05Arbor Lane, Pakefield, LowestoftFire, persons reportedLS06, LS02
Additional appliances:
Fire in garage. Make up to Persons Reported. 
09/02/201121:5922:25Alexandra Road, LowestoftAFANT01False alarm, equipment. 
08/02/201119:1019:30Herivan Way, LowestoftAFANT01False Alarm - fumes from cooking. 
05/02/201103:0804:00Monarch Road, Carlton Colville, LowestoftFireLS01, LS02
Additional appliances:
Standby at Normanshurst. Car in garage well alight, fire spreading to adjoining property, 4BA, 2HRJ. Make pumps 3. 
31/01/201116:5417:18Crown Meadow Court, LowestoftAFANT01False Alarm - fumes from cooking. 
31/01/201107:2507:50Westhall Road, LowestoftCar FireNT01One car. Fire of suspicious origin. 
31/01/201107:1507:22Uggeshall Close, LowestoftCar FireLS01, NT01One car. 1 HRJ. Fire of suspicious origin. 
30/01/201122:0222:30Harrington Avenue, LowestoftKitchenLS01, NT01Small fire in microwave. 
30/01/201120:5521:25Maidstone Road, LowestoftCookerLS01, NT01Fire in cooker. Out on arrival, inspection only. 
30/01/201103:1908:20Pinbush Road, LowestoftSmoke issuingLS01, NT01
Additional appliances:
LS02, LS06, Yarmouth HP and support pump, BS0G
Fire in single storey industrial building. Explosions heard within building. 4 BA, 1 HRJ, 2 main jets and ground monitor in use. Make Pumps 4 and aerial appliance required. 
27/01/201115:2019:00St.Peters Street, LowestoftFireNT01, LS02
Additional appliances:
Yarmouth HP and support pump, Gorleston pump, LS01, BS0G
Fire in loft. Make Pumps 4. 4 BA, 2 HRJ.View blog
23/01/201114:5315:15Somerton Road, LowestoftSmoke seenLS01, NT01False alarm, good intent. Smoke seen by caller. 
20/01/201118:3319:05Denmark Road, LowestoftFireNT01, LS02Small fire in electric heater. Out on arrival, inspection only. 
19/01/201114:0014:20Church Road, GorlestonFireLS01Standby at Normanshurst. 
12/01/201115:0115:35Bridge Road, Oulton BroadRTC, person trappedLS06, NT01, LS01Single vehicle RTC. Car driven into wall. Tirfor winch used to pull car clear. One male casualty treated by Ambulance Service. 
11/01/201107:0407:35A12, Yarmouth Road, LowestoftRTC, vehicle fireLS06, NT01Two vehicle RTC, one vehicle then hit telegraph pole. No persons trapped, vehicles made safe. Fire Service carrying out traffic management. 
09/01/201109:0810:30B1375, Park Hill, OultonRTCNT01, Yarmouth PRT, Yarmouth ETSingle vehicle RTC at same location as an earlier incident. Two casulaties conveyed to hospital by Ambulance Service. 
09/01/201107:2609:08A146, Rookery Park, LowestoftRTC, persons trappedLS06, LS01, LS02Standby at Normanshurst. Two vehicle RTC. One male casualty heavily trapped in one car, two people medically trapped in second car. Hydraulic rescue equipment used to extricate male. Transported to hospital by Air Ambulance. 
07/01/201112:0212:20North Parade, LowestoftAFA and smokeLS01, NT01Small fire in microwave. Out on arrival, Ventilation in progress. 
04/01/201100:0100:35Cross Keys, LowestoftWheelie binNT01Fire Priority from previous incident. 1 HRJ. 
03/01/201123:4500:01Love Road, LowestoftWheelie binNT01Mobilised from Lowestoft South. Spate of bin fires in north of town. LS01 also mobilised to bin fires. 
03/01/201122:4723:45St. Margarets Road, LowestoftGarageLS01, NT012 BA, 1 HRJ